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  1. ive been doin this shit lately and lovin it. did 14gs over the course of the day and feeling great. im fuckin with the premium leaves no extracts. gonna have to order some more tomorrow cuz i only have 11gs left. the vendor i get it from is tight he sent me a free 25g of bali and 10g of indo and scale cuz he accidently sent me powdered instead of crushed leaf. so i ended up with 60g of kratom and a scale for 9.99!!! this shit is mad cheap like 2 dollars a dose. for those who dont know about it, its a legal drug that has stimulant and painkilling effects.
  2. I just bought an ounce of powdered and 10 grams of leaves for a total of 16$, should be here tomorrow cant wait, just hope I dont puke like some people say.
  3. Tell us more about this "Kratom".
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    "Kratom's pharmacology shares some elements of the activity of other substances including opiates and yohimbine. The comparison to opiates is valid at doses high enough to produce these effects. Kratom has the ability to alleviate withdrawal in people dependent on opiates owing to the mu receptor agonism of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Kratom may cause constipation at these doses. It produces analgesia similar to weaker opiates such as codeine. Kratom also has a yohimbe-like stimulant activity, and uncaria-like immunostimulant activity. Kratom's effects are reported to be relatively short-lived, typically fading after a few hours. Some experience nausea after drinking kratom tea similar to that caused by opiates. Kratom's extremely bitter taste also probably contributes to the nausea, which can be remedied with large amounts of sugar, honey, or artificial sweeteners." - wikipedia

    for me it creates a nice stimulating feeling followed by a stimulating and painkilling sedating feeling then finally fades into a nice sedating pain killing effect.
  5. damn, i'm down to 7-8g of crushed bali leaf so i ordered some extra premium green vein thai and some powdered premium malaysian. this stuff is getting addictive but its such a nice subsitute when i cant take opiates or benzos.
  6. Yeah, try snorting some of the extract. Made me happpppy, never snorted a plant before... haha...
  7. i dont fuck with extracts, theyre not economical and raise your tolerance thru the roof. i just eat the leaves or mix the powdered leaves in a drink. i took 3g about an hour ago and 7.8g just about 15 minutes ago. i'm feeling real pleasant. it starts off as a stimulant but its not pushy like amps. its much more relaxed and clear, doesnt make me feel dirty. then the painkilling sedating effects merge with the stimulant ones to create simultaneous stimulation and sedation. and then usually at night i just get sedated and have the most wonderful sleep. this stuff is pretty addictive tho, i'm pretty pissed that i dont have anymore. gotta wait like 3-4 days! oh well i could use a tolerance break. but seriously people this is some real shit, its legal and it works. a lot of people use it to get off prescription drugs, especially opiates. i find it works just as well as klonopin for anxiety but has less side effects.
  8. So are you saying the extracts are too strong?
  9. Kratom is not for me, I just wasted half an ounce in water and oatmeal, that shit is fucking disgusting I cant keep it down.
  10. can it be found in any local headshops?
  11. Wow from the looks of it. im probably going to try Kratom in about 2 weeks. :)
  12. i say you shouldnt smoke or snort kratom at all. the extracts are very good if bought from reputable sources but they are very strong and easy to take too much plus they raise tolerance dramatically. i use premium leaf (powdered and crushed) and extra premium. this keeps me at good levels (not too much not too little) and saves me on my wallet. if you want to know more about this feel free to PM.

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