KPKush 2016 Oregon Outdoor Grow

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  1. Back at it again GC! 2nd go around on the Outdoor grow! Super excited, getting started early. Once again got our soil delivered today from SOUTHERNOREGONics. Last year was the first year they were in business, super excited to use their soil again. All Organic!

    Anyways, like i said we got our soil delivered today, and we got our 4 plants as well. I haven't seen them yet, but I know 3 out of the 4 this year. Purple Gorilla, LSD,and Green Crack. When I get some pics of the plants I will post them, as well as the fourth plant for you ladies and gents. We had 8 yards of soil delivered and we are using 400gal Smart Pots this year! Super excited about this year! And the best of luck and good vibes thrown to every other grower out there!
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  2. Update! Just found out that our strains are actually going to be Purple Gorilla, Green Crack, Maui Waui, and Blue Dream. Ill have some pics of them next week!
  3. Hey everyone! Hope all is well! It's been a minute since my last post. Well we got 2 out of 4 clones the other day. Got the Green Crack and Purple Gorilla! These plants look great. Gonna be getting them transplanted in a couple days into their 400 Gal Smart pots. Can't Wait!!! Here are a couple of pics!!

    The Green Crack is the first and the Purple Gorilla is second. Had some lean to it so i put a Tomato Cage on it.
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  4. Ill be Transplanting these ladies in a couple days, put a cage on em and starting to tie the branches out with green tape!!
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  5. Just got 2 of these ladies transplanted into the 400 Gal smart pots! Here are some pics!

    Green Crack!
    GC2.jpg GC3.jpg

    Purple Gorilla
    PG2.jpg PG3.jpg

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