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kpins info

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by EA420, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. #1 EA420, Jun 27, 2009
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    so this person i know just got some depakote and 2mg kpins

    he said the depakote makes u feel like ur rollin if you do 3+ lol which is probably not true because its a bipolar medicine. idk how many mgs are in each but i dont really want to fuck with them anyway and ive heard they have no rec value either..

    but the kpins are 2mg each and seem like they would be fun. i read some erowid and other GC threads but couldnt find that much solid info. i know they are benzos but what exactly are the effects and how long do they last about?

    ill probably do 2mg to start and smoke while on them :D

    also i told him $10 for two 2mg pills would be fair but he insists they are more expensive and cost $15 for two...i know this is a very high price but i probably wont see them again. how much do you guys get them for in your area? East coast prices are always high..
  2. they are $2-$3 each here lol
  3. yeah, 3$ max lol, 15$ for 2, you gotta be joking me.
  4. If I were you I wouldn't buy pills from someone selling bipolar seizure meds

    As far as kpins go, they're the most powerful "common" benzo for the most part. 2mg will be more than enough to put you in a good place, maybe even too much for a first time. There is TONS of info on them readily available.

    With a low tolerance, 2 mg will be about an 8 hour experience. It's like a very "clean" drunkedness. Sedated, feeling great, no cares. 2mg is will be alot for a first time but you'll love it. You won't remember any of it, but it'll be good.

    They effect everyone differently though, and it's really hard to describe.
  5. yeah thats what i thought. the person who has them is my friend but he's selling them for some random kid that made those prices i guess

    $7.50 each is a ripoff but i want to try them

  6. 5-6 dollars is really the absolutely most you should be paying for 2mg. I'd say give him $10 for the 2 and he'll say yes.
  7. 2mg kpins are $2 here, and I'm from the east coast lol. Youd be crazy to pay those prices
  8. word yea i dont think im going to buy them anymore as my friend just got some xanax for free..should be just as good

  9. The high is a bit different, I tend to like klonopin better. Lasts longer and it doesn't make me fall asleep.
  10. kpins tend to make me black out a lot more
  11. dude this guy is bullshitting you, bi-polar medication/rolling? i wouldn't beleive it.
  12. I usually get them for $1/mg. Just got 8mg for $12, and 1.5mg for $7. Depends on who you go to.
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