KPINNED against the wall!

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  1. Dropped around $95 total on all these, split the lot with Thai...doubt you want to count em all haha there's 100.

    I've never done Kpins before but I've had plenty of experience with some other benzos...including a blackout on xanax AND valium..two separate occasions LOL..but anyway will 2mg fuck me up too much if taken sublingually or what?

    It'd be nice to hear from some benzo connoisseurs..

  2. *drools on keyboard* Gooodaamn thats alotta kpins. Just start with a baseline and work your way up. THing about benzo's is that they hit ya fast so you'll know quickly if you need to up it a notch or not. Have fun with those! i know you will haha. :wave:

  3. 95 FOR ONE HUNDRED.. IN NEW JERSEY! Hook a blade uppppp!

    very nice pick up, I'm not experience in Kpins only have had Xanax.
  4. i love me my klonnys... im scribed those 2mg ul have alot of fun. booze kpins and nug is a great fucking day. and i mix then with oc alot
  5. God f'in damn. I want some!

    Anyways, benzo's do kick in quickly but k-pins also take a bit longer then most others (especially the xanax you tried)

    I can't tell you what you should take, but I will say that 2-3mg is a good start at recreational level, for me. Anything 4+ can be blackout, especially with alcohol.

  6. yea thats what i started with also :smoking:
  7. OP IM me, ill give ya some good knowledge!
  8. *wipes drool off monitor*

    I would be paying 2-3 bucks a piece for those man, you got em for basically 1 a piece. Have fun and be safe.
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    I have extensive klonopin knowledge.

    Much less chance of blackout, much more drawn out and sleepy "I feel soooooooooo relaxed right now" feeling. They are much better mixed with smoking or drinking or both than by themselves, but if you decide to drink on them, take no more than 2mg and drink slow.

    I get 180 1mg Klonopin every 3 months and have been fuckin with em for over a year now.


    *old 1mg i used to get

    I use em to help sleep mostly if I'm not using them to lower my tolerance to alcohol.

    They're amazing for relaxing tense tense muscles as well. If you have more specific questions you can PM me I'm sure I can answer them.
  10. More like some good head! :ey:
  11. Damn grape your thread titles are always so cool haha.

    Ive only had k-pins a couple times, but for me it was kind of a no care in the world type thing. Like really nothing mattered, I was completly content.

    P.S. Whyd you change your avatar? I liked the old one!
    P.P.S. Is your status refering to the song by Chop? If so hell ya man, Im bumpin that shit right now.
  12. Haha where deffinately goin to have some fun with these :smoking:
  13. i've heard these called butes/bukes for some reason?
  14. Haha thanks man...& which one the 9? lol...I don't know I need some change every once in a while..

    & I vibe to the Ludacris/Lil' Scrappy's ill haha

    & Thanks everyone haha I know I'll have some fun with these..I'm not going to indulge too much though.
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    Haha ya the 9, Although I kinda like the new eye... It does almost look like a flaming vagina though rofl.

    And yeaaaaaaa I chill wit my patna dem, Heres chops version if you wanna hear it, its number 6 on the CD. Pretty cool, thats what ive been listenin too. Catchy ass chorus lol.


    Have fun with those man, try to remember the next two weeks though!! lol
  16. i never really saw the point of k-pins? they just make me tired like cyclones. Though I've never tried them with weed/alcohol, so that's probably fun.
  17. HAHAHA LOL @ flaming pussy

    That version's pretty tight I dig it & yeah about the chorus haha..

    & Don't worry I'll remember everything just fine...most of these probably won't be going in my system...just going to be holding off til I get my chronic!
  18. Hell ya man thats cool. And you gotta have some bud to go with those pins. Thats like chocolate syrup on ice cream mayne, just goes together :)
  19. 2mg sublingually into my system earlier...I think I have a naturally higher tolerance to everything but I have to say it was not bad at all...did pass out for a little bit though haha I don't know weird..
  20. Nummy nummy nummy. I get 'em for $1/mg. Went through about 60 in 4 days somehow.

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