Kottonmouth Kings

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Do you like KMK?

  1. Yea!!

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  2. Havn't heard of them before

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  3. They're ok

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  4. I remember hearing them before, but I dont remember if I like them

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  5. They fucking suck!

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  6. Best band ever!!

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  1. I wasn't exactly sure where to put this, so I put it here. (lol, totally missed the music hall forum. if a mod would move this for me that'd be great)

    Who here knows of KMK?

    If you have heard of them, do you like them?
  2. ive heard of them, and i like most of their songs... i'm just not really into the rap thing, but i still listen to them a lot. this could have possibly been put in the Music Hall...
  3. Yeah I have been to 1 of their concerts and got a pic with em. They are the tightest band to listen to when you're stoned to the bone.

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  4. Hell yea!! Pakelika rules. He is such a good dancer.
  5. I hate them. Of course I'm a rock and roll person so my opinion is biased. The only rap I like is ICP and Twiztid. Juggalos are some fun people. But I can't stand Kottonmouth Kings
  6. The Kings kick ass. I have seen them twice now. They are the shit.

  7. you know they work together sometimes... they've gone on tour together, and they have done songs together. The Kotton Mouth Kings and ICP, dont know about Twiztd (thought that had ot do with ICP) maybe just psychopath records?
  8. Both labels, Sub Noize and Psycopathic. Have worked together in the past. Many of the bands on the two labels have worked together many many times. For some reason the Juggalos and Krowners can still sometimes absolutely hate each other for some reason. It' weird.
  9. Well I don't have a problem with the fans, I just can't stand KMK's music. It just makes me want to bang my head against the wall repeatedly. But hey, it's all personal preference.
  10. Oh, alright. I'm cool with that. I just thought you wereb't listening to it because of the people. Personal preference is ok with me :D.
  11. yea sorry but i cant really stand this kinda music i guess i just like more mellow stuff esp when im stoned
  12. Yeah, I'm not really feeling them. No offense to anyone that is. Don't really consider ICP and Kottonmouth Kings rap or hip hop either.
  13. I dunno...pretty much the only thing KMK sings about is getting high, it's kind of annoying.
  14. only rap i like is mc chris
  15. Everyone here does!!!!! Simply because there are 100 other threads about'em
  16. and with all the threads they still suck
  17. kmk is awseome...
  18. I saw them a few weeks ago here in south florida. I love them

    Kottonmouth Kings
    Still blowin smoke rings
  19. What kind of a stoner hasn't heard of the >| /\/\ |< ? They kick ass!

  20. mc chris owns

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