Korean Chick Throwing Up In My New Car!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CaliCoast, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. This happened a while ago but...

    I ran into these chicks that I haven't seen in a while cause they moved to South Korea with their parents(military). My friend brought her girlfriend so I thought I would show them some NorCal hospitality and hot box a couple of blunts with them. They said it was hard to find good weed in Korea and told us they were high as hell.

    I think it was the first time hot boxing my brand new Honda, still had the temp. dealer plates on them. While driving to my homies house, I hear "pull over, pull over!!!" This Korean chick is throwing up all over herself and my fucking brand new car. I pulled over ASAP but this chick is still yakking in my fucking car!!! We eventually pull her out of the car to handle her business. So I got throw up all in my car and what does this chick do? Gets up and sits in her own throw up! UGHHHH!

    Oh well, there goes the new car smell.(What movie was this from?)
  2. man that same things happened to me one time... i smoked a blunt of jack flash with this b from my school.. i drive a cobra mustang so its a small area and she was really messed up and all of a sudden she was throwing up on my premier blue ford racing seat. so i kicked that bitch out right there on the curb and drove away
  3. Wow some gent you are..... Kicking her out on the curb and driving away.

    I drove a drunk chick home one night from a party, yeah bad idea. I got leather seats...... so it wasn't TOOO bad, still made my night the worst ever, and it just kept coming and coming too, all over the place. Made my car smell for weeks. What works great, insense, light 4 up in your car every few hours for a day, and it will go away.
  4. Dam all over your Cobra?! I don't understand what is so hard about sticking your head out the window if you need to yak.
  5. generally if your pukin from bein fucked up, stickin your head out the window is the last thing on your to do list.
  6. haha, not many korean chicks str8 from korea are hard core enough for that kind of shit dude...
  7. Really? Whenever I get that slight feeling I am going to yak I make sure I'm either in the bathroom or outside somewhere so I don't fuck anything up. I always see people trying to hold their shit in, why not just let it out. It ain't like its the first time somebody has thrown up.
  8. stereotype more
  9. it's just the way it is sweetheart. im not going to be all PC about it. Why? because i meant nothing bad about it, its their culture and im not saying there is anything wrong with it, are you?
  10. Same thing happened to me a while ago except there were two girls that were in my xterra (which was brand new but is now in the shop because my GF wrecked it!!!!!!) but anyways long story short these bitches are crazy, got in my car drunk refused to get out until we had sex with them we said no they fucking got naked, were literally trying to have sex with us WHEN WE WERE DRIVING, I was high as fuck just trying to keep it cool and trying not to crash but anyways we went behind a church to get out and try and make them sober up, the second we pull in this bitch throws up all over my seat and her and the other girls clothes, so the one that wasnt throwing up gets the idea to throw the clothes on the roof since they had throw up on them, in the end I ended up with a car full of throwup, 2 passed out naked chicks in my car at 4 in the morning with me and troy smoking bowl after bowl trying to think of what to do, was pretty epic to say the least...
  11. I'm the same exact way, simply because I don't get crazy crazy fucked up anymore like I used to. What you have to realize is you can get to the point of being fucked up where you cant even lift your head up or move... you just start pukin.

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