Koozie for a 40, I need some help with the Malt

Discussion in 'General' started by Revrend Toke, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Well maybe I cant get a hold of the genuine 40s because Im in fl, But I recently discovered malt and fell in love. This shit gives me the best buzz of any alcohol out there and damn its cheap. But I have a problem, them 32s get warm and nasty so what Koozies are yall usin? Im lookin to buy one online and preferably a customizable one...any recommendations?
  2. Why you babying your drink, it only gets warm if you are taking too long! :D
  3. Haha that is the truth but them 32s are a little small so when I get into #2 or 3 I tend to slow down
  4. KOOZIE?

    what is this i dont even

  5. I think he meant jacuzzi. He wants to fill the jacuzzi with ice water and put his malt liquor in there?

  6. Stop getting warm and nasty for him, he doesn't like it.

    Bad Koozie, bad!
  7. No it's the area between your balls and asshole.
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  9. No i want a Jacuzzi Filled with malt.... o shit no I dont that would be warm and nasty...Damn yall are Offensive and funny as hell
  10. Drink it faster! Problems solved.
    you can spit it up, pour half in a frosty and put the remainder in the freezer.
  11. malt beer, GROSE! fucking *pukes in hand* bawwgaassajgopasjdgpsdgjj

    you must of just started drinking, yea I thought olde english was cool when I was like 18...but when you want a real grown mans beer reach for something thats imported. Heineken, Corona, Pale Ale, Grolsh or the best of all NEW CASTLE!
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    "Who says you can't bring malt-liquor to a wedding? We certainly don't. Dress-to-impress with this tuxedo 40oz koozie."
  13. that one was my fave aha:hello:
  14. They make cozies for fourties...

    i fucking love the internet.
  15. That is flippin balling., Where did you find this. As a wisconsin resident i must have it
  16. Nah man thats called taint, it prevents you from shitting on your balls.

  17. "
    Quick Overview

    Back by popular demand we've re-introduced the black-out cozy. They are all-black and come with a smoke-holder and velcro-on lighter holder for easy access to all your vices.
  18. UMMMM. 2nd page and no one has suggest the only proper 40/32oz coozie? A PAPER BAG!
  19. If you're sipping on a 40 long enough that you need a koozie to keep it cold, then clearly...


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