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    So the other thread I started kept having issues with posting pics, so making a new one.

    The plant is Koosh, a friend's homemade Haze x Kush hybrid (exact parents in question), had 3 months on vegetative (500W of CFL), then switched to a 400W HPS. It is currently on day 50 (week 7).

    Here is the plants on Day 4 from 12/12

    Day 21


    Day 29

    Currently, the plant is on Day 50 (week 7), and is massive! Will post pics once the lights are on :)
  2. Most of the pics wont load for me but the day 21 did it looked good
  3. Today - Day 50
  4. Hell yea!! that plant looks awesome man, nice grow, I'm interested to know what your gonna get off it when its dried and cured..
  5. Thanks! Expecting no more than 2.5OZ, but friend said expect more. The buds are super dense, and I let the branches fall on their side for a week to increase light on some of the buds, and it definitely bulked them up quite a bit. Staked them back up for their last couple weeks. Only giving them unsulphered molasses and distilled water.

    The substrate is an organic soil, with layers of Phosphorous (0-45-0) and blood meal, all in a 10 gallon pot. I added about 50 large worms in there! Starting to flush this Saturday (week 8), and hopefully harvest the following weekend, but we shall see...
  6. ...oh, and am harvesting only top portion, then do a secondary harvest on her :)
  7. Nice dude how many time u top that girl
  8. Thanks! Never topped it. The plant had developed a mutated leaf that aborted the top at the first node of growth. After cutting part of the leaf off, the branches exploded from underneath that leaf, and branches started growing out from where the cotyledonic leaves were. There are over 20 branches, more than half are as vigorous as a main cola.

    The plant currently stinks something fierce, and is surprisingly VERY potent with the little amount of trichomes. One hitter quitter from a week old dried sample bud, it has a mild tripping feeling, without the trip :) not for everyone
  9. You had good luck on that first pair of leaves. Your plant could have died, but it decided to kick ass instead. :)
  10. Haha! Absolutely! I actually was going to destroy the seedling because it stuck with that ugly squash leaf for a week, theafter it was cut off, the plant explodes with growth. The symbiotic relation between humans and plant continues!
  11. That plant looks beast. :cool:

    I'd be surprised if you didn't get at least a QP off of that. You have a couple of cola's that look like they could be a zip alone.
  12. yoh she is a beaut hey:): nice one
  13. Wow that is coming along nice! Cant wait to see it when its done, keep up the good work!
  14. Very nice Big man
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    So, the parentage is most likely G-13 Haze (female) x OG Kush (male)

    Not sure what the weight will be, apparently over night it exhibited another growth spurt in flowering, more new flowers and leaves, and is getting even taller!? Also, it looks like the flowers are getting very crystally, to the point the calyx looks snow white! Perhaps it still has a couple more weeks to go, seems like forever on this one. Keeps changing on me.

    Had more of the sample bud, and it still feels mildly trippy. There is no true medicinal properties that I can see from this hybrid, which was desired.

    I have seen a few medicinal growers/users on here, what do you all typically look for in different strains? I know that more sedative is usually sought, but is there any medicinal benefit in head high strains, besides depression?
  16. Thought I would add something that seemed to help. Not only is there 400W HPS, but over 200W of CFL (warm and cool).

    What seems to be helping a lot are the OTT CFL bulbs. Has a nice bright color and ultraviolet range, but are not the same as a Daylight CFL. Maybe it's just the plant, but the OTT Bulbs have made their way into a permanent lighting addition to the grow.
  17. A small bud, still growing, the dead leaves I haven't got to pull off yet.

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