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  1. Hey guys first time using koolbloom, or anything other than the gen hydro flora series for that matter, and im looking for input from someone who uses or has used this product. The instructions say to use the last 2 or 3 weeks before harvest, and at week 8, om wondering if my buds are ready. I know this stuff can be harsh on the plant so I dont want to jump the gun. Ive used the liquid all the way through flower at full strength, can anyone tell me if im ready to switch to the dry? 20170812_184847.jpg 20170812_184857.jpg
    Not the best pictures, but Im at week 8 and my pistils are just starting to turn orange here. This plant seems to have developed slowly until this point.

    Any input appreciated
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  2. I use it starting at about week 6 depending on the plant. At the same time I will drop my flora micro amount down to about 4-5ml's a gallon. I use about 3/8 of a tsp of dry koolbloom / gallon. I do everything else the same. I just drop nitro down a little by limiting micro and sub in dry koolbloom for liquid when I'm about 2/3rds ripe.

    I've never had a burn issue with it. I use it sparingly. It's 45% phosphorus for goodness sake.
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  3. They look ready for it to me. Nice looking plants.
  4. Thanks tbone, ill have to mix some up tomorrow

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