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  1. I can not believe how popular the topic of Kony is today. If he was such a huge deal why didn't anyone do this before? By this, I mean public outcry. He's been around... for a long while. I didn't really know about him before the whole invisible children advertisements. I would assume that is the same for most people. I'm not sure what that says about where we get our information, or how we receive it. More people should have known about him before hand. There are 10,000s of people doing similar deeds as Mr. Kony. Are we all going to wait until an organization tells us to care before we do anything? I'm not saying it's bad to support the capture of Kony whatsoever. I'm just trying to think about where people put their attention before they found out about Kony. Was it on some leisure pursuit or another humanitarian issue? What about leisure activities we seek today; will they be replaced by XXXX 2012?
  2. Same thing happened with Gaddafi in Libya. And Fidel Castro (Although we've hated him since the Cold War) The media puts a spin to everything, remember the contras during the Regan administration? Everyone thought just because we were funding them that they were fighting for the right cause, when in reality Civil War and war in general is never right!

    The media tells us what to think, but there are a lot of people who stopped feeding into what they're telling us. I'm surprised how many people actually did research on this Kony thing to disprove to legitimacy of the organization Invisible Children. There are tyrants everywhere in the world. Kony isn't even in office, he's just part of a psychotic christian militia. I say let Uganda and the rest of Africa handle their own problems, they're their own continent last time I checked and they have the right to be independent of US intervention just like every country in this world should be.

    I think people need to stop relying on the media if they want to change something, numerous genocides are happening all over the world and they're never shown on the evening news. People just need to stop depending on news stations, all of them are biased and told what to include and what not to include. So fuck them, fuck TV in general. Use this brilliant creation (interwebz) to find shit out. Anything you ever want to know is at your finger tips and accessible in just seconds.

    I think the Kony thing was more of a scam than an act of awareness, but at least more people know who he is. I had no idea who he was, but why should I? There are thousands do the same as him, if not worse crimes. Why should the US and its citizens feel an obligation to 'fix' other countries problems? Doesn't make sense to me. We can help change and bring awareness by supporting them, but let other countries handle their own shit.

  3. They just want the oil. Kony is the next Osama. He is going to be in "hiding" for the next 10 years while we pillage Africa.

  4. Your right, he's already been hiding for 20 and controls an area over oil and rare metals the United States openly wants, this is all staged by the CIA.

    Africa is the next Afghanistan, there have been 100's of secret wars and operations waged in Africa that didn't get back to the US..believe me man..:eek:
  5. Kony 2012 is propaganda, Joseph Kony hasn't been seen for years. It's all fake, all bullshit. Only hipster idiots buy into it without researching it.
  6. lol gets banned 2 secs after posting.
  7. But guyz he lyke hurtZ da kidZ and stuff I done seen it on faux news! Let get em!
  8. Damn I thought this shit had died out already.

    All the cunty people on my facebook have stopped going on about it. Shows the power of the internet really. And what sheep people are.

  9. You would know, you live in a tree in the Congo throwing poop at other monkeys
  10. [quote name='"Pass the dr0"']

    You would know, you live in a tree in the Congo throwing poop at other monkeys[/quote]

    Lmfao.. Sucks that he's right

  11. I deleted my facebook the day I saw a never ending wall of Kony supporters on my page.

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