Kofidog Wanders Into The Land Of Autoflowers

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  1. Greetings All! This is the next stage of my adventures into world of cannabis cultivation!

    This grow will be as follows:

    Mrgrowpro PC server tower (64cm x 43cm x 20cm or 25.5in x 17in x 8in.). There are 2 standard intake and 1 standard outtake fans. This little space can get pretty hot in the summer if I don't use air con in my room. Luckily, summer is over here and we are into autumn.

    Soil/coco mix. This supersoil mix is from my last Og Kush grow that I am topping up with a little perlite, coco, worm castings and neem cake. This will be a water only grow, with the occasional microbe tea thrown in for good measure!

    145 watts of LEDs total. This is a combination of my original 3 x 15 watt led light strips (45 watts all up) along with my new Grow Candy 100 watt high intensity LED. Unfortunately, this powerful little bugger quickly raises my temps up to unacceptable levels unless I keep the front panel of the PC off. But then, this defeats the whole purpose of doing a PC grow in the first place - stealth. So at this stage, I'm not sure how much I'll even get to use the new light. But still, I hopeful, since summer has finished and we're into the fall down here in Oz - maybe the room temps will drop enough that I could use the Grow Candy on top of the light strips, because up to a point, more light is better!

    I ordered Grass-O-Matic Med Gom 1.0, Dutch Passion Think Different, Nirvana Blue Mystic, and Royal Queen Seeds Northern Lights – all autos and all through Herbies Head Shop. I’ve germed Northern Lights and Blue Mystic, both for their particular medicinal effects and also for their low odor reputation.

    My last grow was an Og Kush photoperiod plant. I ended up with just under 10 grams dry after harvest. I was a bit disappointed with the yield as I was aiming for at least 20 grams. Not sure what to expect with my autoflower grow as I have no experience with them. But I am gaining experience in growing cannabis in general and the basics should be the same, with a couple of exceptions: apparently it's not a good idea to transplant autos as they are on a strict time schedule and any transplant shock could make it unlikely they would recover in time to reach their potential. Still, I am planning to transplant them out of their Dixie Cups in the next couple of days while they are still in seedling stage. Hopefully transplant shock will be minimal since I will put the entire contents of the cups into the pots; hopefully at this stage their root system won’t be overly disturbed by this.

    Everyone, please wish me luck!

    20160322_210321.jpg 20160322_213207.jpg 20160322_213216.jpg 20160322_213227.jpg
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  2. As you may have noticed from the photos, I went ahead and transplanted the girls into bigger pots - I figured it was worth the risk, rather than leaving them in the dixie cups and limiting their potential. If they go into transplant shock, well, I'll just pop some more beans! It's early in the piece!
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  3. DAY 12

    So far, so good!


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  4. Yeah I left mine in their cups a little too long and they were stunting, they should kick off here in the next week or so! Looks good so far!
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  5. I'm on board!
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  6. Woo hoo! Great to have you in here Vegi!
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  7. Great to be here, we started out at the same time with our own micro grows and we've both come along way!

    What plans do you have for the auto's? LST? ScroG?
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  8. Subbed. Loved your previous pc grow so this gotta be epic too!

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  9. Welcome dreps!
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  10. Vegi said "What plans do you have for the autos - LST? Scrog?"

    Probably just a bit of lst - I'll decide as I see how the girls grow. I've got two plants in the server case for the first time, so this is going to be a learning experience!
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    DAY 18

    I've noticed that some of the first leaves on Norli (Northern Lights auto) appear very unusual. They have less serration and are quite elongated, giving the appearance of belonging to some other, non-cannabis plant. Also, besides being curled in an odd way, the leaves appear a bit splotchy in coloration. Not sure what's going on with this, since I'm not feeding them any nutes - they are in a water only supersoil mix. Misty (Blue Mystic Auto) is in the exact same soil and is not showing any of these characteristics. Anyone seen this sort of thing before? Is it normal for autos?


    The above pic is Norli. Bottom pic is Misty. Compare and see the difference. Is this normal?

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  12. How big is those pots?

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  13. I believe they are about 1.5 litres (.25 gallons?) Because I wanted to grow 2 plants, they were the largest pots I could fit in the pc case...
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  14. Not sure about your leaves that is different? Hopefully someone chimes with a little knowledge on it!!

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  15. Sweet man.

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  16. Looking good bro! Are they the first node of leaves on your plant? I've seen first node leaves do all sorts of funny things and shapes but the rest seem to sort themselves out.


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    Well, when I examine her, it appears that all the leaves are irregular to some extent right up to the 3rd node. With the 4th and 5th nodes the leaves appear as normal.


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  18. Hmm, that's weird. Are there any other signs of issues on the girl?

    Might be something early on which has corrected itself out or could just be a genetic thing with the first few nodes. I know two of my plants had funky, curly first node leaves.

    I hope it's nothing major and you get another great grow under your belt!

  19. The coloration of all the leaves up to and including the 3rd node are splotchy as well. But from the 4th node it appears she is developing normally. Yeah, I think you're right Vegi. I bet it's just a genetic thing and she'll be fine.
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  20. Glad your plants is going better! Hope to catch up soon, while I should be ahead lol!!!

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