Kodiak Grizzly Bear vs. White Rhino with full horn

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  1. okay, so say were are taking the biggest animals ever found of these two species and putting them in an arena face to face to the death.

    Adult White Rhinos usually weigh between 1800-3000 kg and have a shoulder height of 150-185 cm. The heaviest White Rhino ever recorded weighed 4500 kg!

    The largest wild Kodiak bear on record weighed over 2,500 pounds and was almost 14 feet tall on its hind legs.

    it's a tough one for me, but i say the kodiak grizzly.
  2. I choose the wizard. Wizards never die!
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpgQSbwnWD0]"Wizards Never Die" - YouTube[/ame]
  3. i dont think your considering teh rhinos full capabilities, specificaly against an animal like a bear.

    i think the rhino would win honestly.
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    Rhino charges at teh bear wit dat big white horn and dats a tko

    Im pickin up some white rhino tonight lol
  5. Rhino has armor
  6. Rhino hands down it would fuck up ANY bear
  7. Rhino would make a kodiak look like a bitch, imo.
  8. The horn itself goes thru truck/car doors,no problem.
  9. Kodiak Grizzly!
  10. [​IMG]
    Rhino would fuck that thing up
  11. gonna have to go with the grizzle bear on this one. the rhino only has a horn, the bears got teeth, claws and its much more agile.
  12. Rhino would only lose to elephant.
  13. Rhino loses to human

  14. well yeah,
    but maybe not
    im sure you could empty a clip into one and no even interrupt its charge
  15. Oh no doubt, but i'm thinkin like... tame the thing, and ride it. Imagine guy with machine guns riding a rhino?...

    Off topic but really actually on topic:
  16. I believe the real question is who would win Ina fight between the grizzly and a silverback gorilla .
  17. [quote name='"theprodigy"']I believe the real question is who would win Ina fight between the grizzly and a silverback gorilla .[/quote]

    Grizzly, no contest
  18. Rhino.

    I can't picture a grizzly being able to stop a charging rhino, even though bears can move around better and bend their bodies in ways rhinos can't. If the bear grabs onto the rhino without enduring a fatal horn attack, then it may be able to win. Unless the rhino's leg strength was too much for the bear to keep down and it got out... but I imagine a rhino on its side to be pretty much fucked against a grizzly. Still think a rhino would win though.

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