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KoB! 1234 posts ;)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. hahah way to be. thats the best post count you can have!!

    *1 step 2 step 3 step 4*

    ^^^^1234 dance^^^^
  2. :D Congrats on the 1234, King!!!! ;)

    ***Ooops...1236...see, now it isn't even a big deal! You just had to go and post, didn't you?
  3. ahhh, rmjls whoopdifuckingdoo was misfired... oh well, next time!! Woohoo!!

  4. I know...Bongish fucked it up!

  5. grats bongish!
  6. right on bongish!!!! i've been here longer and im not even close!!! i enjoy reading your posts lol keep putting smilies on my face;D
  7. oooh tankish bongish :D
  8. congrats Kob

    Attached Files:

  9. 420 is better
  10. ya, i hit my 420 not too long ago, it couldent wait, i was posting like 20 min later, i really tried to keep it for a while... but it didnt work... ahhhh... i think i could have over a thousand in less than 2 months... from now... i cant be like obliviot!?! crazy shit!!!!

  11. baby girl ashy you are right. man why is there posts about how many posts people have on here. it is a bit pointless. 1234, so what. who cares. i have about 7 posts. i aint jumping up for joy. i think someone just needs a bit of attention, kind_of_bongish, does obviously/.

  12. That nothing for anyone to worry about...he didn't even make this thread.

    Don't start anything here at Grasscity. It's not like other places nor will it become like other places!!!
  13. mweuahahah!! i am the thread master!!!

    and no fighting! someone might hurt KoBs knees... which means he'll have to be squating and bending all night, not good for the back ;)
  14. exactly ;)

    clean knees are the first sign of a good night for whoring gone to waste.
  15. sell me bongish!!


    my whores are 100% pure american skank. from their stained g strings to the holes in their bra, these sluts are the real deal.

    Bongish had it going back in the day, but i saw him giving some head a couple days back, and it really didnt look like he wanted that wang right down the back of his throat, and a whore needs to look like she wants it.

    ill trade you 5 blowjobs from my finest whore and 20$ for bongish.

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