Knowledge of dry herb pen vapes needed.....PLEASE HELP

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  1. just starting to dabble in vapes. want some pointers please..which PEN vape is best? how do I pack it? what temp? I'm a newbie to it..can someone give me their knowledge PLEASE!!!! bought a Randy's TROO pen. was an impulse buy. I'm thinking it's not any good. don't mind the money I lost on it, just want to be knowledgeable for my next one. if someone can, i'd LOVE to have an experienced vape person to speak with about the subject. If your willing to give me your time, I'm ready to learn. PLEASE help. Of course, there is a reason for the vape....sure someone can figure out the reason it's needed..not just wanted  : )

  2. Check the Vaporizers section, and post there. Pen vape are garbage unless used with extracts or concentrates 
  3. The only dry herb pen vape that works effectively is the t vape, but some other vapes with good form factor are the mflb, indica, pax, and pinnacle pro.
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    Got the Atmos R2 dry herb vape pen recently. i actually really dig it.
    It'll just combust and create smoke, working as a digital pipe, if you don't get a glass screen. This is the only point I can see why people hate on vape pens for herbs.
    Otherwise, I strongly enjoy it. I use a glass screen that rests on top of the heating coil, so no herb burns on the coil. I get a very tiny amount of "smoke" sometimes, but only sometimes and it's not noticeable. Most of the time it's pure vapor. I just vaped a bit ago with it and am feeling very alright. 
  5. The first question you need to ask yourself is what you're going to use it for. If you want to vape waxes and concentrates then get a vape pen will work. Micro G is a good choice, but I have a newer model called the Zeus Thunder, which I prefer. 
    If on the other hand you want to vape dry herbs then avoid vape pens. The pen technology isn't far along enough you put dry herbs in a pen without them combustion (so what you get is pretty much an expensive pipe). So if you want to vape bud then go for a portable vaporizer. They're a bit bigger and more expensive but if you get a good one then you wont regret it. 
    Some of my favorites are the Arizer Solo, DaVinci Ascent, the Pax is alright but it gets kinda hot sometimes. For cheaper units that still work well I'd go with the Vapman of the MFLB. 
    And also, don't worry about not knowing too much about vapes. there's a lot of units out there and the information can get a little overwhelming but it's good you're trying to learn. Hope that helps bud! 

  6. Dry herb pen vaporizers suck in my experience

    Get a LOTUS!

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