knowing your not getting beat out?

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  1. I do not own a scale, i would like to know if there is any other way i can know that im getting a legit gram or whatever i buy. THANKS GUYS:hello:
  2. That's like asking how do you find out your own weight without a scale, come on man. Just gotta guestimate, get a scale, or not buy from sketchy dudes.
  3. yeh i know its sorta a stupid question but is there anything i can compare it to lol
  4. Well... before I had a scale Id always tel my dealers to scale that shit out in front of me. Sometimes they got a lil mad but ey... if you want my money you better do it. I did get a scale after a while though. God investment man. Just save up and get one. ;)
  5. If you can afford weed you can afford a scale, just never carry both at once...

  6. this. especially if u live in arizona.
  7. Its extremely hard for us to give you something you can compare it to. Almost all bud is different based on its density and water amount. The best thing you could do is weigh something at home with a basic kind of scale and try to get a good idea of what a gram feels like. Its still gonna be tough but that's really about the best you can do.

    If you do get a scale though, a good way to tell if your scale is always measuring correctly is by nickle checking it. Just zero out your scale and put a nickle on it, it should come out to 0.5 grams. If its 0.4 then I'd suggest trying with another nickle cause some are a little off.
  8. A nickel weighs 5 grams, not half ha a dollar bill weighs 1.0. Looks like you might have ben getting shorted too there buddy ;).

  9. Eyeball it, or have trust.
  10. My bad I haven't used my scale in a while so I haven't needed to check it. Its nice when your guy is actually your homie, they tend to hook you up nicely. Thanks for catchin that one though, idk what I'd do without the help... Smoke pot?
  11. The simple answer is that all bud weighs differenty. When I eyeball, I am usually within a gram. So you either have to bring a scale or become better at eyeballing.
  12. you can get a scale for $5 on ebay. I ordered mine, just wish it would hurry and get here.
  13. Most people probably also would say that the brand of scale doesn't really matter. I'd agree with that as long its of some quality. I've gone through a couple of scales and I personally like Dodo the best. Nothing special or fancy, just a good quality scale! :smoke:
  14. Just order a scale from amazon. They're so cheap, well worth it, and can be used for more than just herbs... ok... mostly just herbs...

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