Knowing when to quit vaping?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Deleted member 917181, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Ok so I just got a new vaporizer the ipuff flower for dry herb I mean this thing is amazing although the mouthpiece gets quite hot after a while I get high so much faster anyways I was wondering I have the temp set to high which is 420 degrees lol and I can sit there and puff on it for like ever it seems like and do you just puff on it till you don't get anymore vapor or what I get very small amounts of vapor after only 5 mins or so? After a while the vapor tastes disgusting what's up with that?
  2. Just vape until there is no vapor. The taste is awesome If you start at lower temps but it'll always taste like that when it's nearing the end

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  3. Your bud will taste like burnt popcorn and be brown in color.

    I always start off low ( 185°C) and work my way up to a higher ( 215°C) temperature.

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  4. Nice just what I needed to know and it feels great not having that tar going into my Lungs this ipuff is freaking amazing though vaping some green crack out of it right now
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  5. Wife thinks I'm always BBQing
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  6. Dude your lungs are thanking you for making the switch. Give it a couple months of vaporizing and you'll know exactly what I mean.

    Have you considered looking into a desktop model for vaping at home? Portable vapes are great and handy but they will never compare to the vapor quality of a big hit from a bag in my opinion.

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  7. Idk I just like sitting there taking decent sized hits on my portable and you could probably have a friend maybe 2 to smoke the "bowl" of the vaporizer
  8. Quoted for truth
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  9. Be careful when smoking a new strain, was vaping some green crack and now I vaped some cookies and cream dude it's taken me 7 minutes to type this
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  10. yea been there or I decide to not post anything instead because of too much editing

    SeNt FrOm My•☆GaL@x¥ $5☆•
  11. That sucks bro
  12. Good advice ITT.
  13. Even more fun, smoke a new strain or over pack the glass and then eat some chocolate ... be sure to wash it down with a sweetened honey tea. Makes those eight hours palpable.
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