Knowing u might have killed somebody

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  1. Hey everybody.

    Well to start off im not that great at writing stories like this but i thought itd be worth tryin so here goes.

    So wednesday after school me and my brother picked up a freind and headed up town. We all live out in the country about 20 minutes from town. Well anyways we end up meetin up with a few other guys at the mall (its a very small mall with very few places that acutally bring in any profit. So a pretty chill place) There was three drivers each other driver had one other person. so a total of seven guys.

    Somehow we decided that Tod (not real name) was going to jump over my car. Hes done it before and if there is anybody that i know that could have done it, it was him. so he tells me go anywhere from 25-45. He said the last time he did the dude was goin like 50.

    So he gets ready by doin a crazy ass wall run like 10 feet long. Hes super pumped and ready. Then we noticed a huuge crowd of high school kids at the movie theater lobby and its all glass so they could all see. So hes like lets give em a show. So he waved me in and i took off. i went like between 25-30 miles an hour, kept it in 2nd gear. Next thing i now my wind sheild smashes in. When i got outta the car he was sittin on the ground. And he said call an ambulance my legs broken. And then hes like oh fuck the pains kickin in. Well turns out he broke his femur and chipped 2 teeth on the top of the car. When i heard he broke his femur i lost it cause theres a main artery right there. The feeling of knowing u might have killed somebody is undescribable.

    Well im just goin to sum the rest of it up. We got him in the other drivers car and they were going to bring him to the hospital. But i ges they ended up waiting for an ambulance. And everybody was freakin the fuck out and nobody wanted to see any cops so we all dipped. I took back roads all the way home.

    Well the kids dad wanted to sue but because he waved for me to come in they cant but i still might get charged with wreckless driving with an injury and i think he might get charged with somethin to.

    Oh and once that happened i noticed that huge crowd of people just started bookin it outta there.

    And to those people who are just going to say how fuckin stupid i am and shit like that, dont waste ur time. I already know that and theres no use in insulting me when im down.
  2. That kid sounds like such a cool
  3. Well, that's what he gets for showing off. It's a really stupid thing to do.
    Only highly trained professionals like WeeMan from Jackass should be doing shit like this :p

  4. yeah haha hes a crazy muther fucker
  5. You're not stupid, and it's not your fault. You're probably feeling really upset about this, but wouldn't anyone. He's done it before, you trusted him, AND HE TOLD YOU HE COULD DO IT AND TOLD YOU TO DO IT. I will send you and your friend my prayers.
  6. Didnt you kinda think that would happen? I mean car person, person car?!?
  7. Farfetched, maybe.

    Sounds like he purposely wanted to do that shit to get some money.

    Either way, you gotta deal with the consequences man, just stay positive.
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    Why the hell would anybody even attempt that?!Seriously?!

    The risk DEFINITELY out weighs the reward.Not only did your friend get seriously injured and fucked up the car,but he made himself look like a jackass in the process.

    Yes,it is a shitty situation,but one that could have been easily avoided.
  9. dude its his own damn fault... you shouldn't have done it though

  10. Yes the risk was big but could u imagine the reward if he jumped a speeding car infront of a huge crowd of highschool kids ( lots of hot blondes). If hed a made it u can guarantee he was gettin laid that night.

  11. haha the case name down at the cop shop is "the jackass case". Oh and the cops are actually pretty chill about this whole thing
  12. i think back to highschool when we'd take turns riding in a shopping cart while hanging onto the side of the car, get up to like 40 and launch the cart into curbs in parking lots, and jump out at the last second and dive into bushes

    i can't believe we never got arrested or really hurt

    take this experience for what it is - a valuable lesson
    know that if you guys had done what you'd meant to do, show off, pull stunts and get a rush, it would just escalate until someone got totally killed.
    or if you're into doing death defying stunts, take some first aid classes and carry a medical kit. I'm a certified wilderness first responder, and while i would've felt the same way you did in the situation, i could've at least helped the kid
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    Sorry to say,but the reward wouldn't have been that great.And if someone gets laid just for jumping over a moving car,well I feel bad for those girls and their future.

    I guess I'm just not in that highschool state of mind anymore,since after all I've been out of highschool for quite a few years now.

    I'm not trying to be an asshole or anything,but it just really isn't that cool.Sure the stunt itself is cool,but doing it just to show off isn't and that is the kind of thing that happens when you're trying to be a "badass".

    Just my 2 cents.

  14. Wow. People's motivation nowadays...

  15. Yeah i know what ur sayin but in this situation there wasnt much u could do. He grabed his leg by his knee and lifted it and his thigh stayed on the ground. That shit was completely seperated. But yeah ill def take ur advice
  16. That's so badass. Can I add him on facebook?
  17. He tried to jump a car to impress highschool girls?
    You realize all you have to do is just talk to them and say you're in college, right...?
    Highschool girls always get wet at just the thought of getting with older college guys, always.
  18. neither of you all should breed, pretend like there was no medical response and let natural selection do its thing.
  19. wouldn't common sense kick in and tell you not to try this stunt at all?
  20. Mmeeeeeeerrrriiiiicccccuuuhh!!!!

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