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  1. lol this video is awesome, I'm been doing rights research for a couple years now, so I can properly talk to bullshit police officers, call them out for their corruption & maniuplation, and get away with it. It feels great

    But getting it all on video is even better :smoke:

    [ame=]Video: Drops Mad Knowledge: Cops Are Trying To Take His Son And He Puts Them in Their Place![/ame]
  2. This guy is my new hero.

    he pretty much dick slapped the law and said WHAT U GUNNA DO ABOUT IT!!?:hello:
  3. "wheres your green card"

    Made me lol

    that guy is a boss
  4. I do agree with standing up for yourself and knowing your rights, which I should prolly look into :laughing:

    Anyhoo, the question is why did the police have the kid? We never really had that answered. By the sounds of it the father accuses the cops of taking only the black boy home to his parents, so there is a racial judgment there, I don't know if its warranted but he clearly presents it. But we never hear from anyone what the kid is doing in the car, who I believe was being interviewed by a cop in the backseat while this discussion was happening. Then at the end of the video the father calls his son an ignoramus. Why would he call his innocent son who is the victim in all this a name?

    This video needs more details.
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    wasted resources again!
    I was once in a tug of war with a cop that ran up & tried to pull my brother out of the house without cause or good reason. We seen them watching us & just wanted to go in just to avoid trouble. we did nothing to deserve to be ordered to "STOP RIGHT THERE!!"
    without identification from them as officers.
    The cop finally let go of my bro & we all fell to the ground. That was kind of funny now that I think of it.
    He (the lil cop) was afraid to come through the door & I held my ground with fire in my eyes. I knew they were going to beat down my bro so I was mindless.
    They were ready & wanted to kill me after that scuffle!

    I realize I am lucky that I wasn't shot & lucky to be alive now.
    That's what the cops told me too!
    Helicopters & what seemed like 1/2 the rampart division were used on us & after we agreed to come out with our hands up to avoid the house being "Battered"...Not one person ended up going to jail or was even charged with a crime.

    They all had the same look on their faces when they all left.... LMAO!!
    I love it!!:smoke:
  6. LOL that guy is on point.

  7. hahaha i know, that part was hilarious :laughing:
  8. It's always good to have a camera/tape recorder on you when you're with the cops. I didn't have that and I asserted my 4th and 5th Amendment rights when I got fucked by the cops, so they just lied in the pig report to make it look legit. If I had a tape recorder in my car, I could have gotten their asses suspended.

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