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    I read all these stories of being caught by cops (which I enjoy reading about lol) and I see some that say the cops searched them or their car without consent or probable cause. Here are some things to keep in mind when you get in a sticky situation with the cops!

    If you are pulled over and the cop suspects you of smoking, deny it. If he asks for you to step out of your vehicle, take the keys out and lock the door. If he wants to search you or your vehicle, all you have to say is "I do not consent to a search officer." Even if he says "I can bring the K9 unit out here to sniff your car out" simply say "I do not consent to a search officer." NO MATTER HOW INTIMIDATING THEY MAY SEEM, THEY *CANNOT* SEARCH YOU LEGALLY WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE. NEVER GIVE CONSENT UNLESS YOU KNOW FOR SURE YOU AREN'T HOLDING.

    Here are some examples of probable cause:
    *ANY weed or smoking tools can be seen by the officer
    *they actually see you smoking (kinda hard to prove)
    *they see marijuana smoke
    *they smell marijuana

    If a cop searches you without consent, whether you said no or they just didn't ask, get a lawyer. If they convince the judge that you were illegally searched, all evidence will be thrown and the charges will be dropped

    Quick tips:
    *don't get caught in the first place
    *keep everything out of sight
    *blunts/joints are a better alternative as you can throw them/eat them easily
    *be smart

    all in all, just deny everything and as long as they have no proof, you should be fine. Don't break under pressure.

    Good resource:

    who knows, this post might save your ass someday ;)

    EDIT: I guess the smell is a probable cause. My bad guys :smoke: *IMPORTANT* LIKE ONE OF THE MEMBERS SAYS BELOW, YOU MUST SAY IT VERBALLY.
  2. Anyone have any info on Australian rights? Not sure how much of this applies to me.
  3. [quote name='"Pew"']Anyone have any info on Australian rights? Not sure how much of this applies to me.[/quote]

    Google it ...
  4. props on the post
  5. In dublin they will search you regardless of your rights because they know they will win every time if ya bring them to court.
    yea its your 'rights' but pigs will be pigs.
  6. This is good advice you are giving just one thing. You HAVE to verbally tell them they cannot search your car because if you just stay quiet and let them it is considered voluntary and the illegal search will stand in court as legal just because you didn't say anything... At least in Florida. ***I know this through experience.
  7. Smell is also probable cause, that's the only way j's and blunts can screw you over.
  8. Never seen a thread like this before...
  9. Cool thread, Im pretty sure weed smell is probably cause though not trying to be a twat but if thats not probable cause id be very surprised. Do you have anything to back it up so people dont just irritate coppers even more and get charged with obstruction or something?
  10. couldn't the cop just claim he smells marijuana and use that as probable cause so you have to consent to a search?

  11. true. but most won't lie about it unless they are dicks.

  12. is my back up.
  13. Thanks man, I've been wondering lately what exactly qualified as probable cause.
  14. [quote name='"Fly Guy"']

    true. but most won't lie about it unless they are dicks.[/quote]

    well the cops in my area would. one time I got pulled over and as soon as he gets to the window asks if there is anything illegal in the car and I say no (there wasn't). then he tells me to step out of the car and talk to him privately. he asks me why the kid in the passenger seat looked like a blowfish (idk wtf that means maybe thought he was nervous because he had shit on him) and I tell him I have no idea. he asks me where I was headed and all that and then pats me down. I go back to the car and he does the same thing to the 3 other people in the car. we all had the same story and had nothing on us so we were good. but just shows how retarded cops are where I live.

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