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Discussion in 'Movies' started by VikingToker, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Not a huge fan of japanese drawing, but I really enjoyed the few japanese cartoon movies I have seen so far! I am a total newbie in the genre, wondered if anyone could help me out with some recommendations?

    What I have seen:
    • Dantes Inferno
    • The Animatrix
    • Appleseed
    • Ghost in a Shell
    • All the Studio Ghibli movies

    If you knew about something with a lot of swords and knights and stuff, please lemme know. I'm a bit of a medieval dork :D:smoke:
  2. Ninja scroll is really cool. I dont know too many movies. Cowboy bebop is good too
  3. are you only looking for movies or for series?

    b/c if you like knights/swords and want a medieval setting then i think you might enjoy Berserk. just so you know though its one of the more dark/mature/graphic animes out there. but its def. worth a watch.

    if you have netflix. claymore is also a medival's pretty dark though too lol. outside of the medieval setting but also with alot of swordplay would be Samurai 7, Basalisk(pretty much the same as ninja scroll), shigure, Moribito, and Afro Samurai

    not in the style but still great available on netflix: Full Metal Alchemist, Robotech, GitS:S.A.C 2nd gig, Full Metal Panic TSR, and Soul eater

    lastly, if you don't mind reading manga(comics) and like Viking type stuff theres a manga called Vinland Saga which is really awesome.
  4. I've been getting into the scene lately too, and so far my recommendations are:

    Akira (badass movie. must watch!)
    Princess Mononoke
    Howl's Moving Castle

  5. dude, glorious reply

    dont have netflix in Norway, but I'll look some of those up for sure
  6. ah that stinks is pretty convenient for the price.

    well you should be able to find any of those series through torrents or even streaming online on hulu or something like that...none of them are really new so they should be pretty easy to find/get.

    if you end up feeling like looking at Vinland Saga you can read it online for free @

    also spyder mentioned Akira, I didn't put it in my post cuz it's futuristic sci-fi but if you're ok with that it's probably one of the most Iconic Anime works of all time. it's also trippy and a mindfuck to watch.

  7. I'll look it up man, already read the real Vinland Saga in highschool, it's amazing stuff

    Sci fi is dope
  8. oh shit...vinland saga was already a book? I didn't even know that I'm gonna have to go buy it cuz the story is awesome and books are always better.

    also I forgot to post a place to get streaming shows. has a crapload of series all dubbed
  9. Tekkon Kinkreet is a sweet movie, especially on bluray!

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