know what pisses me off? people who mooch off you for weed...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by punkie, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. My girlfriend's best friend comes over an awful lot when my girlfriend and I have herb to smoke. Mind you, it's because of said best friend that we have herb, because we use her hookup. Anyway, it seems to me that she always wants to come over and smoke our shit when SHE'S dry. She will replenish what we have when she can, but it's on her terms, and when SHE can do it. I came home one day not too long ago to see she was over, and was smoking MY HERB! Without me there to partake in it!

    Now we haven't heard from this chick in almost a week. I think she overheard me bitching about it last she was here...but for fucks sake, if anyone should be pissed off, it should be ME. Now I'M the one who's dry because she smoked the last of what we had with a friend of ours (again, when I wasn't home).

    People who mooch piss me off. :mad:
  2. Does it not piss of anyonee...?
  3. Well, DUH, but I'm just sharing a recent experience. Venting, if you will :p
  4. lol, she smokes your green when u arent there??? what a bitch
  5. So, how does she enter your abode when you're not there? I'd remove the catalyst to that girl being there in the first place.

  6. My girlfriend lets her in the apartment. If she's gonna smoke MY WEED or my girlfriend's weed that SHE paid for, at least wait for ME to get home!

    I'm pissed man. I haven't been able to get ahold of this chick all weekend and I'm dry as a bone.

  7. If you're really bothered by this practice, I think it might be appropriate to have a conversation with your girlfriend then about it. If she's close enough to you to be your girlfriend, you can talk to her about how you feel as an adult couple striving for peace within the domicile.

    Otherwise, you might do well to hide your stash. But isn't that a bit, um....juvenile?

    Best of luck to ya.

    Sorry you're dry. So am I. <hugs>

  8. Yeah, we have talked about it loads of times. And I'm fully planning on having a talk with this friend of ours. That is, if I could get ahold of her!
  9. Understandable. Hope all goes well!

    Hope the drought is short-lived.

    Uh oh, guess my allotted time on the computer is up! The hubby and the boy have found me hiding in the computer room! LOL! Take care.

  10. well thats pretty fuckin gay, but ya know, thats what you gotta expect if you got weed is scavengers who never throw down themselves.
  11. Next time, make sure your weed is on your person or hiding really well in your place.
  12. I would snap if I found any one lighting my shit up with out me, let alone the last of my shit without me being able to get more FUCK THAT! I don't even like some one packing a bowl for me unless im to high to do it myself. I think every one has some one in there life that mooches off you, Just hope Karma comes back and gives you a free sack. Sorry about the moocher hope you get a free bud in your next sack.
  13. pimp slap her and get your money back. lol and i would deffently keep your stash in a good hiding spot from now on.
  14. ooo yaaa dude i hate that fucking moochers
  15. If I ever get ahold of her, next time I'll buy double what I usually get and hide half...when she's not around!
  16. no one smokes my weed if i'm not there....i mean no one
  17. using the term "gay" in a derogatory sense if pretty fucking gay if you ask me...
  18. Seeing as I am gay, I WAS going to say something about that...but I let it drop.
  19. i'm not gay, but any kind of stuff like that isn't cool. we just don't need that kind of negativity on the boards.
  20. ya i know what you mean, i know this guy who blazed me up like only two times ever and i blazed him up everyday for like two weeks straight, and when i tell him i dont want to blaze him up anymore for free like that he pulls a knife on me :p

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