Know what I hate about high school?

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  1. I hate the germ-ridden little emo gangster kids or just plain out dirtbags that I have to walk by in the halls on a daily basis.
    They started spreading their diseases like Boomers puking on Survivors attracting a full on-slaught of virus assault for everyone.
    God damnit.
    I keep myself relatively healthy..
    But there is nothing I can do when I have to walk around in a school of 1000 people, 10% of which are usually sick with something.
    Then they start coughing and sneezing and all the bacteria attracts to the healthy stoners.

    So what started out as a chronic cough..
    Is started to slowly get worse, I woke up reallllly tired today (Felt like I was baked) and my limbs felt wobbly.

    Luckily I only have to go to 1 class today.
    And am about to get high.
    I'm not sure how THC will merge with a light-headed slight sedation..

    But I'm about to see.

    Fuck I can't wait for University where at least the kids will probably shower once or twice a week!
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    Ah shit man I totally feel you. College is no better. I've been sitting next to this kid for a week who is sick as fuck. He keeps sneezing toward me and shit every time I flip out and he starts getting all whiney and shit. Drives me insane. And I cant switch my seat either cause my professor would FREAK. Its bullshit and now I'm sick. Same thing as you I wake up sore and tired and feel like I'm already blazed.. like kinda slow.. not fun baked.. So I smoke every morning before class now and I can usually just relax through it.

    Good luck man.. wear one of those germ masks that doctors wear around school all day. When people ask you about it go ape shit like


    or tell everybody you're the new Doogie Howser and you have an extremely important operation in a few hours, and that lives depend on it!
  3. it doesnt end in college. i work around the general public with all their nastiness and ive been sick for 2 weeks from some nasty shit some asshole sneezed out and i breathed in.
  4. are you student in high school?
  5. I hated my high school I use to sit on the buss with my shirt over my mouth & nose I hated how sick the little fuckers always use to be it was outrageous
  6. It's especially bad right now..
    Because apparently there's some sort of virus or flu going around..
    And like EVERYONE is fucking contracting it and spreading it around by not covering their coughs or sneezes.

    So hopefully I don't get a flu!
    Because I've had a flu before that was so powerful I got it on the day before Christmas Break..and it didn't end until like the 1st day back at school.

    I don't want to have to feel like I'm in a hangover for days on end.
    If I get a flu, some shit is going down with the sick little assturds at my school.
  7. Dude get over it. The more you avoid bacteria, germs, whatever, the more liable you are to get hit harder.

    I mean, Yeah its one thing practising common sense hygeine, but if you go around with a bottle of disinfectant washing your hands every twenty minutes, you are going to just get hit harder. You need some level of exposure to keep up your immune system.
  8. Hey, hey now.
    I'm not some germaphobe.
    When I say I keep myself healthy..
    I mean I shower everyday, dress properly for bitter Canadian climate, and wash my hands after I go to the bathroom.

    I go to the most ghetto high school in my town.
    I can guarantee a good percentage of students there do not follow these procedures.
  9. Fuck I hate those gangster emo kids, it's just a mixture of the two most annoying people.

  10. Haha and u think college is better?
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    I do not get the connection between emo gangsters and getting the flu. Last I read germs do not discriminant. I just got the flu and I got it from my professor in college and neither of us anywhere near emo.
  12. There is a connection between the little shit heads at my school and a lack of hygiene, they are like 13-16 years old, they look like garbage and smell like rectal crumbs. Plus they never cover their mouths when they cough, it kind of increases the amount of bacteria particles in the air.
  13. I used to hate dealing with all the crap in High School. If you think the germs in the school are bad, try rideing the public bus home from school every day. There would be bums on there that you could smell across the whole bus. All the little emo fags, wannabe "gangsters", and fake ass people in general that populate high schools is pathetic. Makes me sad to think that these are the kind of people that will be running the country in 30 years, if we're still around that is. With the way the world is going we all might kill ourselves off by then. Who knows...

  14. That is a trait found in most teens. I'm afraid you are in the minority for having good hygiene is highschool.

  15. Haha YES!! I used to love laughing at those kids. The ones who look like they jumped off someones emo myspace page! I'm telling you man, it doesn't get any better once you are in college. People only get more messy and care less because they are on their own. Me personally, I have my own place, and I'm as clean as can be. I rarely will be found on campus unless I have class within the next 5 mins lol. I hate that place.
  16. I do ride the public bus to and from school, in my town I can guarantee its just as gross and weird.
    Lots of crackheads, this morning there was a woman running around the terminal crying because apparently her boyfriend's disapproving grandma called the police on her because she thought she was going to kill her grandson.
    Then she started screaming that into a phone for like 10 minutes on the same bus as me.
    It's all interesting I guess,
    but still weird.
  17. That generalization is far from accurate.
    A huge percentage of teenage kids are preppy or bro'd out,
    both categories will always stay relatively clean and fresh, especially bros.

    However, my school has a low percentage of both two categories, instead we have a high amount of generally dirty people, and most of them just happen to be emo/gangster mixed.
  18. Don't get your hopes up too high.
  19. There are a shit ton of assholes who cough and spread their germs on you (it pisses me the fuck off). I'm sick right now and I have state next week, worst timing ever. I know the fucker who got me sick too, and i told him to go away and he sat right next to me on the fucking bus. I have a feeling he did it on purpose because I beat him in an event so he wanted to get me sick. Harsh, but it's strange how people work.
  20. I dont even remember HIIIIGH school...go figure

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