Know anyone who has HIV/AIDS??

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  1. Hey box, there arent too many things that get stuck in my head and eat at my innocence, but i found out the other day this girl ive known for like 4 years recently got HIV

    I was in my buddy / dealers garage smoking with a few peeps then someone gets a call from this girl my buddy banged like 2 weeks to a month ago. Now he was a virgin when they fucked (dude is 20) and she calls all crying asking if he was seriously a virgin.

    So then about a week later i found out she was calling cause she contracted HIV. Ever since i found out ive had that like odd sad feeling that something is just not right.

    I didnt hang out with the girl often but i still knew her really well, and i just hope my friend fucked her before she had it.

    So just seeing what the blades would make of this, you guys always help my outlook on subjects even though i am a lurker lol
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    If he wore a condom, he might have a chance...

    Anyway, I had unprotected sex 5 times with a girl who I now find out contracted chlamydia and passed it to 3 other guys.
    Weird thing is it's been a month and I have no symptoms...

    The moral of my story is that chlamydia is nothing compared to AIDS.
  3. No doubt its such a sick thing, i dont even know if i would want to be alive if i was diagnosed.

    The thought of knowing your death is coming and every second your own body is destroying itself and all a result of just trying to get laid??

    Thats why this disturbs me so much i think, im such a happy carefree dude, and this ordeal is just like a big shitstain on my conciousness.
  4. thats fucked up... good luck to the girl and your buddy.. hope everything turns out well for them both.
  5. Thanks man, im pretty sure its too late for the girl, but that dude hasnt even got tested yet, and if/when he does i dont think ill know if he has it unless he doesnt.

    I am not even supposed to know she has it.
  6. for all the laddies out there.. I do not have any STDs. Cum and give me some looooooooooove.
  7. lol you think this threads gonna hit it big with the gurls?
  8. That shits fucked up. Much love too that girl. It would be the shittiest feeling too know that. i know what your talkin about zebra
  9. My older brother died from AIDS 6 years ago, when I was 18.
  10. Sorry man thats tough. It scares me cause my oldest bro is basically a man whore. I just hope they find a cure for this.

    Its so deadly too cause anyone could have it, and they wouldnt even know. i know thats obvious but still it just disgusting to me.
  11. I think we already have a cure for AIDS, or at least a way to extend life, and Big Pharma is just keeping it down. Look how long Magic Johnson has been alive since he contracted HIV. He has a ton of money that can go toward treatment.

    It saddens me greatly that so many people are just allowed to slip away because they don't have exorbitant sums of money to throw at doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. It's absolutely sickening.

    AIDS awareness is something I take very seriously. Too many people are sexually active with too many other people, and never bother to get tested. There are free testing centers in every state in this country for all STDs. If you haven't been tested yet go get tested. Just because one of your sexual partners may say they're clean doesn't mean they actually are. Wrap that shit up men, and girls, make sure your man ALWAYS uses a condom.
  12. Man that shit is tough. I know where you're comin from when you say it is just stuck in your head. It's a worst case scenario.

    I am 25 and have only been with 5 girls (all my girlfriends) and the majority of the time it was unprotected. I got really worried because the girl I lost my virginity to, come to find out, slept around ALOT. So I got to worrying, not only for me but for her.

    But then I did a lot of research, and the more I researched AIDS the more it actually eased my mind. Come to find out the US aids rate is about .6% or 6 out of every thousand people. But then again, all it takes is that one time with that one person for your worst nightmare to come true.

    sorry about your friend.
  13. You know I never really think about getting STD's or HIV when I'm chasing the gals (I'm more scared of knocking them up lol) but this kinda made me remember how real it really is.

    Sucks for your friend man, hope he's all good.
  14. Im sorry to everyone who has lost someone or no's someone who has it:(

    I been with over 50 girls un protected and im clean call me lucky I guess
  15. Appreciate the responses guys its good to see other people know my feelings.

    I guess ill just take it as an opportunity to learn a lesson the hard way, that poor girl may have a big affect on me.
  16. A good friend of mine just found out that he has diabetes. He's pretty bummed about it :(

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. HIV/AIDS is scary stuff man :(
  17. think my gay uncle has HIV or something. i once chiefed a blunt with a dude who had HIV
  18. my uncle died from AIDS in 1998. I was young and it completely changed my life and my perspective on sex
  19. get tested people!

    it's not a joke, fucking go get yourself tested if you've had unprotected sex, it is your responsibilty

    i'm negative and will be getting tested again in 8 months, a year after my last test, and I will do it the year after that, and so on. Even if you've only had unprotected sex in a comitted relationship, it doesn't matter.
  20. A cousin of mine died from AIDS, he was in his thirties, and he wasn't being treated.

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