Know anyone that is extremely anti-pot?

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, May 4, 2006.

  1. If you know anyone thats rally anti-pot, please give them my email, i would love some good debate. The last one i had was with my roomate, was over in like 5 minutes.....

    email =

  2. I'd love to hear some of your arguments if you wouldn't mind posting them here =)
  3. lol off subject, but i dig your whole doors theme you got goin there breakon haha. +rep

    you know whats an interesting thing to do, is to have the debate your looking for, but switch sides and try to argue for the other side... it leaves you thinking in alot of ways you probabaly wouldn't have before.
  4. yea dude post some debates that you had
  5. I sent ur e-mail to the US goverment, debate away. Wish ya luck. :eek:
  6. lol...<3 the govt :D

  7. The argument i had with my roomate i think ive shared before, but we came upon the subject and i said that i dont understand why pot is illegal when alcohol is so much worse for you and kills more people. He immediately didnt believe that alcohol kills less people than pot, so he spends the next 2 hours on his comp trying to find somewhere that has someone dying directly from a pot overdose...couldnt find it...and didnt talk.

  8. haha nice one
  9. i could give your email to my mom...

    but i wont lol
  10. hmmm i know a lot of ppl who are who just dont give up when i explain everything to time an argument comes up ill just give them ur email
  11. I actually wrote a paper on this for a school debate which was assigned..I chose pro-mj side (of course).. But after actually studying up on it, it really is extremely hard to understand why pot is illegal while drugs like alcohol and tobacco are legal. Pointing out all the benefits of legalizing pot would take way too long, so ill leave it at this.
    1) Alcohol is much more dangerous than pot

    2) HEMP .. can be used to make so many things including paper (instead of cutting down trees)

    3) Taxes on pot if legalized would bring in endless money..afterall the country has a fucking HUGE deficit

    And what are the downsides of legalizing pot? "Its a gateway drug"...hmm wonder why that is.. cigarettes would be a gateway drug too if they were illegal and you had to buy them from drug dealers.. . :smoking:
    Theres the debate layed out for ya
  12. my girlfriend just wont listen to me and gets mad whenever i defend it

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