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Know any girl stoners..tell me about them

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by big_will, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. I have knew a some girls that love to smoke weed. There is something about them that makes them so much more attractive knowing that we have that in commen. They must love to have fun to, cause to be a true stoner and weed smoker you got to love being crazy and just laid back. All of us guys who smoke a lot of mary jane need to find girls who do it to. I think that in can help some things in a relationship.
    It would make the sex better anyways.

    Man i love to get people stoned and people high who have never been. Its great. Share the greatness of Mary Jane.

    Oh yeah and
    write your senators
    write your rep.
    write or email somebody
    make a difference
    be a part of legalizing one of the best plants on this Earth.
  2. lol yep i'd have to say we're pretty awesome!!!
  3. i know a transexual stoner.
  4. dude i love you... lol your a fucking hardcore ghetto badass stoner

  5. I know a few girl stoners (who are not from this site). One, who happens to be my fav stoner chick, is the person who introduced me to weed. She was a pot head long before I hung out with her, and I hung out with her for a year before she got me high. She's such an outgoing person who really doesn't give a fuck what other people think so she just does what she likes. My kinda person. And hot, too. 36-24-36, exactly. No joke.
  6. my gf is a stoner she smokes more than i do and shes cool as hell, i know alot of stoner chiks

    bongish i 3rd

  7. haha! lmao! hey im a stoner chik! :) gotsta luv the weed!
  8. i know this girl names ASHLEY WHO SMOKES so mcuh weed with me.!11 when I pass out shes right there packing a bowl or rolling a joint,, how are you. i finallly made it here so i could talk to you on this site. are you going to chris party on fridayy of this week. im going to call you in a few minutes. stoner girls are sexy right snuggle bunny! aka ashley. shes going to fry me

  9. oh great! dont start posting shit about me jer! lol! come over and smoke with me! my phone isnt working or something i dunno why its fucked up! just drive over!
  10. i wish i knew a girl who smokes, girls who are attracted to me tend not to do drugs/alcohol

    lol why God, why do you mock me?!
  11. I don't even talk to chicks that don't smoke weed.
    it doesn't ever work.
    your always gonna hear it's me or pot,
    and i'm always like i love you babe,
    but not as much as mary-jane.
  12. gmommy quit drinking, roll-a-j
  13. Yep zondude is gay, sensi aint the only one! lol

    but its all coo, respect to all the potheads
  14. i got a gay friend that tokes. for some resson all the chicks just love that kid. kind a sucks he steals all the chicks and doesn't even use em.

  15. ::: ahem ::: It was critter....Digit blamed me for some reason, though...I read that in there.

    I know a lot of stoner chicks. I know maybe 2 of my girl friends that don't get high...well, 3. Plus, I'm a stoner chick. People who don't get high make me nervous.
  16. heres a couple stoner chicks i know and love.

    Attached Files:

  17. my girl is as big of a pothead as i am shes the one that yells at me to pack the bong every minute, right after we just got done blazin, i guess im just special to have a stripper pothead girlfriend, well she thinks shes a stripper hahaha
  18. ofcourse!!!!!!!!!! I only hang out with stoners!!!!! we have, sara, megan, ash, karen, carmen, and tons of stoner men. like myself.

  19. no hatin its all good chill not all strippers are whores

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