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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by fatch_mike, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. HELP!! My stupid idiot friend has just knocked five of my plants over, they are all strong and healthy, two of them are only a week old, but three of them are two months old, they fell about two feet and got absolutely covered in dirt, is there anything i should do to help them heal? I've already replanted them and watered them, they still stand up fine and have no damaged apart from a few crooked leaves
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    If nothing's broken they should be fine. Some roots may have been damaged in the fall, but that will only slow plant growth, not kill it.
  3. Thank God!! I was really worried, it sucks that they're gonna grow slower for a bit but thats better than them being dead.
  4. put them in complete darkness for a day if you can. the older ones should be fine, but if the younger ones tilt then theyre probably going into shock so isolate them in darkness for a day without water and they should be fine.

  5. wouldn't they just get shocked again from changing the light cycle? also, i think your a few days late :eek:
  6. water after transplanting, if they are wilting add 1 drop of SUPERthrive to a cup of water for each plant
  7. Be sure to remove all dirt you can from the leaves for it may damage them.
    Just like leaves touching the soil.

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