Knocked Myself Out

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  1. This happened last night and I'm still feeling it now lol. So my friend and I were hangin out at my house enjoyin a couple seshes and drinkin a drink. We started looking for something in my garage so I'm not paying attention to where I'm going because I'm focused on finding this thing. I wind up stepping on the lip of one of those two-wheel loading things meant for moving like boxes and stuff I guess. This thing is leaned back and when I stepped on it it smacked me right in the fuckin nose like you'd see on TV. Shit hurt sooo bad lol. My drink goes flying, my face goes numb with pain, and my nose starts bleeding like nuts. I remember handing my friend my cup and walking away, but then the only thing I remember is a loud humming noise and my buddy standing over me while I'm sprawled out on the ground. Apparently I was just standing there looking at him when my eyes rolled back and I collapsed, knocking my head on the concrete (mind you I'm 6'2" and 235lbs so crashing head first is gonna hurt like fuck).

    I got inside the house and immediately went into the shower, clothes and all, to try and make myself stop spinning. My friend stayed until I was sure I'd be fine because we weren't sure if I had a concussion or not.

    I'm laying in bed right now typing this on my phone. My nose hurts, the back of my head has a lump the size of Rhode Island on it, and my leg feels fucked up lol. This was the first time I've just straight up passed out from being hit, but damn it if I don't remember lol.

    Just figured I'd share that while I'm laying in bed. It likely isn't worded very well either and I'm sorry for that lol.
  2. Sounds like you hit your face with a dolly. Dizziness and lack of consciousness is a clear sign of head trauma, ie, concussion. Id get it checked out. Lots of people die frm this as the brain can swell/ bleed slowly and kill you in a matter of hours. Best to get an examination to be sure. Dont mention weed. Start your story at the dolly. Peace.
  3. man i know what ur talkin bout, i know it sucks but that shit would have been funnyif you seen someone else do it:p i seen a guy do that shit at a party with a rake, caught him dead in the middle of the face lol
  4. I remember a few years back when natasha richardson slipped while skeeing. Liam neesons wife. She lost consciousness, woke up dizzy and was completely coherent. She went to the hospital as a precaution and no one knew her brain was swelling because she was fine. Or seemed to be. She died a day or two later. Had a few concussions myself from motorcycle wrecks. Nothing to fuck with imo.
  5. Yo man, if your seriously feeling things still you should get it checked out. Dont goto sleep! you could go into coma... for who knows how long.
  6. Get it check out - be safe.

    Kudos to your friend for hanging around to make sure you were ok.

  7. Do this but mention weed. They can't do shit, but it might help them
  8. Might wanna hit up the doctor

  9. Weed had nothing to do with the injury and is irreverent. It will only add to the statistical detriment of weed that is used by the govt using hospital stats. The injury to the face as well as head hitting concrete is the real concern.
  10. Passed out a few weeks ago when I had the flu. I guess dehydrated? I'm also 6'1, and fell straight to the back of my head onto hard floor. That shit sucked badly. Gave me pretty severe whiplash. Hope you're all good op, feel your pain. Except the broken nose.... :smoke:
  11. Thanks for the concern guys, but I think I'm fine. I'm not dizzy, I remember everything, and I'm not slurring words or anything. The only thing bothering me really is my leg. I don't know what happened; maybe I twisted it when I fell, I don't know, but it hurts lol

  12. search up Natasha Richardson on wikipedia and read "injury and death"

    then and only then can you decide what to do
  13. You're 6'2"? That's quite a tall dolly to hit you in the nose.
  14. Yo man better safe than sorry, don't wanna lose a blade because he didn't take precautions. Just go to the doctor for a check up, nothing to lose :)

  15. that's what's fucked up about it lol after I was somewhat recovered my friend stood next to it to see how I did it and the part that hit me in the face didn't even reach his chin and he's like 5'10"

    I was right between my car and the dolly so I might have tried to squeeze between them and bent down or something for whatever reason
  16. Here's a couple pics of the crime scene lol. by the way, I dropped my phone just now taking these pics and now my screen is fucked up so that's awesome lol.

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  17. That sucks man, but seriously, get it checked out by a doctor. You don't want to fuck with head traumas, the right hit in the wrong area could make you bleed out in your brain. not fun.

    Hope you feel better !
  18. Thanks man and I know it lol. I've actually got deep brain stimulators too so I will likely have to make an appointment with my neurologist to make sure nothing shifted, though I feel 100% and am just a bit bruised on my nose and back of my head. I figured since I actually woke up this morning I must be somewhat ok lol.
  19. dude did u get a headache yet ?
  20. This is exactly how natasha richardson died. Except she fell down while skiing on soft snow. Felt fine and a couple hours later she was dead

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