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  1. This was the craziest thing that ever happened to me..Me and my mom, our friends from next door and our friends that lived two doors down were all sitting in my moms living room, we had all just passed around 4 joints and we were feeling pretty good, we were laughing, messing with each others mind and all the other good stuff ya wanna do when you're high when all of a sudden we hear a knock @ the door..my moms face turns white because ya know..whenever you hear anything outside and you're high this really bothers you a million times more than it normally would if you were sober. I got to my feet quickly and my mom said "who is it?" and the guy goes "WALKER COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT" we all froze, we didn't know what to do..our cloudy minds weren't allowing us to think about the situation and how suspicious it must be that we weren't opening the door. The next thing I know all 6 of us are in the back bedroom trying to get out the backdoor and I jumped in the bed with all my clothes on to attempt to pretend to be asleep so at least if everyone else was busted, I wouldn't be. I threw the bag of weed underneath the bed(wow! wayyy smart) the police officer continued knocking and through the next 5 minutes all of us asked "who is it" to the officer at the door while panicking at the fact that we couldn't get out the backdoor without a key that we couldn't seem to find. Soon I realized we had to face facts, I went and opened the door, trying to make a quick save as all the smoke goes billowing out the door into the night, the officer sniffs, steps inside and asks "what are you guys doing" "Nothing Officer, we didn't know who it was, we thought it was someone pretending to be the police" this would have probably been much more believable if there hadn't been a beaded blanket thing hanging from the door in the shape of a potleaf..however this officer didn't seem to notice, he had come for a disturbance and that was all he wanted..he didn't say anything about the smell..you know he obviously had to know what we were doing..but he left without saying anything about the weed and the fact that Marcy was crying her eyes out saying "I wanna go home..I wanna go home" hehe..

    Well thats my story...of the night that the police came up to our apartment when we were all stoned.
  2. You've learned a very valuable lesson to take precautions. That policeman sounds like an OK guy. He could have arrested everyone in the house.
  3. didnt you all have windows you could have climed out of?
  4. lol that happened to me once. bout 17 or 18 i lived in this cute house with suites in it. i had the top. me and some old friends were smokin and the cop is knokin on the door. just reeks like pot. i go to the door and he said our music was to loud and gave me a warning and left. he was so nice. we laughed so hard after omg!!! the loser downstairs called. the cop[ had even said it wasn't that loud.lol.
  5. I know the guy could have arrested us all but I don't think he really wanted to bother with it..he just kinda sniffed and ya know..he HAD to have known especially with all that training and stuff they have to go thru..but he was all like "What are you guys doing" and that was the funniest thing b/c what do you really say in a situation like that? "oh just gettin blazed officer..sorry we caused a problem!" hehe. And as far as havin windows..we had one big picture window in the apartment(it was a one bedroom) and then a tiny window in the bathroom that was kinda high up and somebody woulda prolly got their ass stuck in it if they tried to go out and the only other window is the one on the backdoor and its just a see out window..it doesn't open unless the door opens and we couldn't find the key..hehe.
  6. Close call man :D
  7. I reckon a lot of cops don't arrest pot smokers because they probably have family who smoke, or smoke themselves. Like it's just so widespread you can't bust all the innocent little smokers. Smart cops would realise this and target dealers and that sort of thing only. It'd be nice if ALL cops looked the other way though :)
  8. good story, I have one very similar to that. Ok heres how it all went down. My brother and I threw in and bought a 1/2 oz. This was rare because its during the biggest drought of the centurie. Anyway we get our half and proceed to take bong rips from the 4ft'er. After smokein a few bowls we smoke a decent blunt. By now my brothers room is totally rollin with smoke, then I hear the doorbell ring so I go and open it up. And look who it is, its my brother community corrections officer. So we hide the bong (the best that we can) and my brother answers the door. You could tell the cop knew we were smokeing weed, no doubt about it. He gave my brother his breathilizer and was on his way. But everyone that was over was about shittin their pants, some of their reactions were funny as hell.
  9. i add that sometimes the dogwarden looks just like a sheriff when there banging on your door when your all baked,....."look sir, look at my sweet lil'bulldog, thats all thats going on sir, i swear", that stink?...thats him he has digestive problems.
    i always buy my tags ontime now.
  10. I had a pretty similar thing happen to me. I was smoking a joint in bed just after waking up. My parents were out of town and I was taking care of their house, so I was smoking in their room, which is quite comfy for smoking. Anyway, I had the door closed but our maid was in the living room. She came knocking on the door and I pretended to be asleep. Finally, it became clear that she wasn't going to go away. Long story short... she was trying to tell me that there was a cop at the door. I hid the bong and sack as best I could, but must have still reeked of pot when I opened the door. Our neighbor had called to complain about our dogs... At any rate, the cop was quite friendly and didn't seem to notice (or care about) the chronic stench...
  11. I have a name for you THC..."Booda!"
  12. We were nearly caught too
    We were all smoking hash in my m8's garage bongs and pipse every where =)
    I was stoned so bad i couldnt even talk,
    Any way we had some music on pretty loud, and the neighbours called the pigs on us.The Garage was stinking of pot bad and everyones eyes, bloodshot to fuck and being held open by match stciks =)
    The cop just asked us to turn down the music had a sniff grinned and left.
    I nearly offered him a toke he was so cool

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