Knock Knock Knock, Its The Cops!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Smoke420budz, May 31, 2009.

  1. So me , My girlfriend and a couple of her friends were hangin out. We were not drinking or smoking except for myself. But I smoke in the bathroom, Anyway. I was in the kitchen makin a cake because my Girlfriend's friend said she wanted to eat my pastries. Hmm sounds Naughty huh.:wave: So there I was mixxing when I heard the KNock. I crept to the door took a look and to my retrospective mind I am surprised that my heart didnt skip a beat. I opened the door and said yes. He said yes Ive gotte some complaints about the noise comming from this apartment. And walking up the step I couldnt hear a thing, But I am going to need some information. I said yes sir well ,I then proceded to turn around and tell my girlfriend and her friends (The crackling hens) That the nice policeman would like to see them:smoke:. My girlfriend tells the cop her sister is in iraq and shes taking care of the apartment for her, since she is resposible for the apartment He only takes her name and leaves. I only have 1 Mother plant and 5 clones right now but this is not my apartment and Im living here with my girlfriend. If he had seen the bottles of vodka he could have come in:eek: And that would be very, very bad for me. Since the apartment is in the name of a United States Soldier, She would possibly be affected as well. This would not be good.

    But have any of you dealt with a cop situation and then afterwards realize how close you were to losing everything. But Maybe the blatent "forgetting" helped you keep your cool.
    Just another wonderful Perk Of enjoying The Herb:D:D

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