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Knife hit question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by petboy455, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. So I am at my house alone and haven't done knife hits in a while so I was wondering if I could do them with a gas stove, all the guides I find say to use the electric stove with the coils. I only have a gas stove, I'd be able to put the knives on it. Would it still work. And what would I use? I don't have a steamroller. What would be an improvisational item? I am alone too so would it be easy? All help is needed. +Rep for all the good answers. :smoke:
  2. As long as the knife is being heated, it doesn't really matter. Be careful that you don't start the hash (I'm assuming that's what you're smoking) on fire, though.

    But can't you just use a lighter?

    ...after re-reading the thread, I'm thoroughly confused. Steamroller for knife hits? wat
  3. I just use a 2l bottle/510 mL coke bottle cut in half to collect smoke, and heat up the knifes on the stove. Gas stoves work fine too.

    If it's a smaller bottle, you can easily hold it in your mouth and use both hands for the knifes.
  4. Knife hits get you extremely high. Have you done them?
  5. I also got my legit pipe confiscated. I only have a WF Bong and a homemade bong.
  6. Yep. Only way to smoke.

  7. He got here before me.

    Yes, use a plastic bottle (preferably 2L) for the hits. It has a great area to inhale the smoke with. :D

  8. i think he means useing a hot knife to light his bud in the steam roller
  9. What smh said. Normally people use their steamroller bong to do knife hits built I don't have one so I was looking for something to use instead

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