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knee pain

Discussion in 'General' started by C12, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. my knees hurt pretty often. out of nowhere they just hurt, inside of the knee. i injured the acl in my left knee 2 years ago and that still bothers me from time to time, but this is something else. its just a dull ache in the joint, it used to hurt after strenuous exercise, but i recently got a job where i stand (on a 2" thick rubber mat) for 8 hours every day and now they just hurt all the time. they get stiff as hell after sitting down and they hurt to stretch out again. it hurts like hell to sit cross legged for anymore then 10-15 minutes and then standing up hurts like hell. whats wrong with my knees?

    knee pain.. do you get it? how often? what part of the knee?
  2. my right knee is a total replacement, so i get i dont feel a whole lot around there between the nerve damage the bullet did, and the fake knee.

    the left one however, i have arthritis in real bad. every time it rains, my knee hurts.
  3. I've been having knee pain since 7th grade.

    Not all the time, but at random times one of them will hurt. Especially if I've been driving, or anything that involves sitting with my knees bent for a long period of time.

    When I went to the doctor about it in middle school, they told me I have chondromalacia.

    Told me the only thing they could do was prescribe me some motrin. :rolleyes:

    I haven't seen a doctor about it since, and the recent development of elbow pain is making me wonder if it's something else all together. That'll have to wait for when I have insurance again though. :p
  4. my knees are terrible. 12 years of catching for baseball does wonders. the doctor i went to said i would most likely have both knees replaced by the time i was 40. awesome.

    my right knee alternates between dull and sharp pains all the time, and the left is a dull pain every now and then. if i squat down they both grind when i stand up, and pop like crazy. its gross to feel them when i been my leg.

    i hate knees
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    I had pain in my left knee last year and ended up getting an MRI and arthroscopic surgery.
    The result is amazing, no more pain and I run almost every day.

    All I can suggest is to get it checked out.. GL man!

    and POTSTYLZ, that sounds like it'd hurt like hell!! :(

  6. honestly the right knee no not at all. i dont feel anything there, not on the skin, not in the muscles or tendon. the whole lower part of my right leg is completely numb. Im told its total nerve damage, but i look at it as a blessing. If there is pain, i dont feel it. Besides i kind of look at it as my own little badge of honor.
  7. I've had knee pain for the past few months.

    Ever since i dislocated the petella.

    Honestly, i think it'll subside fairly soon, because apparently my knee is still healing.

    Fuck i'll tell ya tho, dislocating my kneecap was probably the most painful experience of my life.
  8. I'm a hooper and I have frequent knee pain,
    I've never seen a doctor or anything like that though.
    I just kinda let it ride.

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