Knee in the Nuts

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, May 6, 2006.

  1. This hasn't happened to me since grade-school.

    Is it normal to be sore after an hour or so?
  2. That made me laugh, a lot.

    Last time I got kneed in the nuts, I think I was in like 5th grade. And I remember it hurt for a long time, way longer than an hour. Like a day and a half of soreness.
  3. ice it up but make allot of layers so its not too cold
  4. dang, i guess the world wont ever have any little Rasta's running around.

    haha just kidding man. youll be fine. nuts are pretty resilient, despite the pain.
  5. ouuch man... hasnt happend to me in years either..i kno the pain though ughhh... keep ur nuts cool if u smoke too mayb that'll help
  6. Man, I got kicked so hard in the nuts the one time they turned black and hurt for weeks!
  7. back in hs all these dudes would play a game i forget the name where they hit eachother in the balls...hardly happened to me but hurt when it did
  8. Roshambo has begun!

  9. It was mostly the meat really. The boys avoided major contact, but got knocked around pretty good.

    No 'Barley Legal' tonight. damnit!

    The ice idea works pretty good actually. Maybe it's the joint too, but i'm feeling pretty good.
  10. I remember one time i jumped up infront of a kid kicking a soccer ball and it just drilled me in the nuts. the pain slowly moves into your stomach, its so horrible. I cut one of my balls skateboarding one time, that was bad news.

    I hope your package is allright RM. Whoever did it should pay for their actions.

  11. It's good to know you guys are thinking of my package. Cheers to my package! :D

    Just foolin'
  12. haha wow an hour?? that fucking sucks rasta

    ive been punched in the nuts, guy was on the ground and pulled a bullshit get up quick and hit the nuts but it took like 5-10 seconds for pain(i knew it was coming tho)

    i coughed HARD for a few minutes and the pain made me need to sit for for a good 15-20 minutes but not an hour

    gotta protect the family jewels man, otherwise, you just got a sack of crushed assorted nuts and no one wants that
  13. a good kick in the nuts will result in my having to take a crap lol. IT sucks bad! i hate it, just reading that it happened on a message forum makes me quiver. its scary how bad it hurts lol
  14. i wish both men and women would grow the fuck up and not kick or in any way ... hurt your nuts. you dont go around kicking girls in the vagina or in the lower abdomen so why is it ok to kick a guy in the nuts? its like the same thing as punching them in the face. it should be a no no spot. if you know what i mean. you just dont mess with peoples baby making factories.

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