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Knee feels weird when high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by John Winston Ono Lennon, May 4, 2011.

  1. #1 John Winston Ono Lennon, May 4, 2011
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    Hi everyone. Whenever im high i get a weird feeling in my right knee. Its never in my left. It feels like it is too relaxed and like it just wants to fall apart. When i forget about it isn't as powerful, then i remember and it feels very strange again. It gets me really frustrated. :mad: Is there anyway to stop it? Thanks.
    EDIT: It appears everyone is telling me this was just in my head. It was not. If you experienced it you would know. I wrote the previous paragraph three years ago and was obviously very medicated. Cut me some slack people.


  2. I think this might mean it's all in your head? But I'm really not sure tbqh
  3. Just in your head, everyone gets weird feelings.

    You ever injure your knee or anything like that before? Sometimes when I'm high I remember about when I broke my ankle and then my ankle hurts until I forget about it lol.
  4. no ive never injured it but its become kind of a joke with me and my friends like whenever were high i always punch my knee so i think it just keeps bringing itself back up idk
  5. You're high.
  6. I know what you mean, parts of your body are in a position which frustrates you
  7. Haha, short and sweet
  8. Wow I totally forgot I ever made this thread. To those of you who are skeptical, this is not a lie. It happens when I have a low tolerance and I think it has something to do with the nerves in my knee, Im 110 percent sure it isn't just in my head. I can also see I replied 3 years ago when I must have been baked off my gourd because I sounded like a complete idiot in those posts, HA. 
  9. My penis feels weird when I'm high. Starts to get all tingly then hard
  10. Oh my gosh! I have this too...I honestly think weed kind of tells you where you're going to be hurt in the for me, it's my knees and sometimes my joints/fingers! Weed is a powerful, spiritual, wise thing. Listen to it, and learn! Personally for me, I haven't talked to a Doctor about it, because they would probably think I would be crazy for assuming something at a young age...Although I probably should. Maybe just investing in mesh knee braces would be a good idea.
  12. Sometimes I feel like my body is disappearing.  A total out of body experience.  Like my body melts in to the chair, couch, bed, whatever.
    It's crazy and definitely panic inducing but it's all in your head.
  13. Like I said, I am POSITIVE it is not just in my head. When it used to happen (low ass tolerance) It was almost all I could focus on because it was such an uncomfortable feeling, and it happens EVERY time I smoke with a very very low tolerance. It goes away after the peak. Not that I ever have the great privilege of having that.
  14. It isnt panic inducing at all for me. It just feels like I ran 4 miles without stopping, its a super fatigued feeling.
  15. Another possibility could be poor circulation, as my mom doesn't have the greatest circulation either.
  16. #17 Kris Benwa, Mar 3, 2014
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    Title and OP made me LOL

    Edit: Whole thread made me LOL
  17. This is a serious question. Why is everyone calling bullshit? It is something that truly physically happens to me, and just because people don't know the explination they say its "in my head" Lol okay. 
  18. I think it's just your muscles relaxing or nerves being numbed?
    You know how people with pain take bud for it?  Maybe it has something to do with that? Dunno
  19. Yup. I have this but in both knees. Feels fucking weird.

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