KMK's Cloud Nine

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by BillDavis, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. So, I guess I'll be the one to start this thread.... Has anybody heard the new KMK cd? I got it yesterday at Best Buy. I don't know about it. Haven't heard it all the way through. I listen to new CDs in my car, because its the best cd player I own... Word. Anywho, from what I've heard it good so far its better then there last two cds. Although thats not saying alot. I'm more of a fan of the Hidden Stash 2/ Rolling Stoned era. But yeah, anybody else heard the new CD?
  2. Helllll yeah....every new album is full of more and more garbage. I doubt I'll even buy this one. The songs from the time you mentioned bring back a lot of memories and those are the only ones I really listen to now. Before they made songs about not giving a fuck, partying, blazing, drinking, chillin, good vibes, was more about having fun and now most of what I hear from them is whining about personal problems and trying to be hard. Always a fan but been disappointed with them recently, but from what I hear they still throw great shows. :smoke:
  3. the last cd wasnt great..... the new cd is good, havent heard one personal problem :smoke:

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