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  1. I had a weird dream last night, and in my dream I baught a Kottonmouth Kings CD. So (right now, fully awake..a little stoned) I decided to create what the CD cover looked like in that dream. This is pretty accurate (except across the top, it said "SubNoize Records"). Enjoy.

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  2. thats tight man, i love kmk
  3. Kmk Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. lol, dont you love vivid dreams?? lol nice cover
  5. haha that looks sweet, how did you remember what it looked like so good?
  6. well, I remember it so well becuz...uhhh...actually, that's a good question lol...all I know is that's how it looked..or atleast close to it lol.....hey Master Chief, Tool kicks ass!!

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