klozitkings seedbank, for real?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by pistil whipped, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. I just sent out $97 to Klozit kings seedbank, then I went to go online to his forum and I get "Access Forbidden" error codes, and it won't let me go there. What's up? Does anyone else have experience with this seedbank? I think I got screwed.

  2. HIGH All naw I don't think KK will do that..he's not the type to rip someone O.F.F.F.

    Maybe try his site again and inquire about your order.
  3. In fact, you're right. This morning everything works fine. I just panicked because the same day I put money in the mail I experienced a temporary glitch that kept me off the site. I'll pass on the sentiment "Naw I don't think KK'd do that . . . he's not the type to rip someone off" on KK's net.

    Thanks for the reply
  4. Lookin for some sites to shop for seeds. Live in upper midwest of USA and the season is limited for time. Any addy's for seeds?
  5. Also, why don't the seeds from my buddies bag ever sprout?
  6. HIGH All, hard to say why your bag seeds don't sprout....maybe the guy who grew it nuked (microwaved) his crop.

    JRS is the man to see if funds are down. $3us for 10 seeds is a must for new growers who can't spend alot on seeds.
  7. I have to say, "I wish I had waited". If, in fact, you can get ten seeds for $3, I may have really blown it sending out $97 for 30 seeds plus an unspecified "free" offer, but I feel confident that the beans I get will be good genetics.

    On the other hand I have some bag seed going with some beautiful frosted buds still at least 40 days out with 11 inch colas. Bagseed is easy to come across, and usually viable if not outright crused . . . unless of course it's been nuked like Unoit said . . .\

  8. I'm here to retract any negative karma I may have directed by my above post. KK has PM'd with me, and made it all work out perfectly. In fact, I upped my order 20 beans.

    KK is legit.

  9. I bought some Jack Herrer x Blueberry from them, and I had great yeilds and some particularly tasteful bud. I have line bred this strain and have some clones growin now, as well as alot of quality seed onhand.

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