klonopins + weed + vicodin

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  1. um okay....i have never done klonopin so i just chewed two tablets......and drank it with soda.....also b4 i did this i took a couple of gravs....am i gonna be okay......i also have 3 more kpins and 4 vicodin....will it be safe to take anything else or more.....also i may have to talk to my dad...will i be able to do this.......thanks for any and all comments..
  2. how would we know if youll be able to talk to your dad. You didn't tell us obvious factors such as your experience with pills the dosage your height and weight. In my opinion you will not be able to talk to your dad bc its your first time taking k pins...
  3. well its my first time with klonopins...ive taken vicoden 4 times......and cyclobenxaprine 5 times........im about 5/11 and i am fat.........so i thought 2 would be no problem.......i weigh 300# yeah im fat...lol....
  4. ive tooken about 3 kpins and a xanax bar at work and pulled it off..
  5. I always do RETAAARDED shit on kpins, and never remember it the next day.

    And I always take one.

    Then the day after I'll realize I ate the other four and just didn't remember:rolleyes:
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    so far in order this is what ive dont...


    2 klonopins chewed and swallowed...wasked down with soda

    a nother klonopin this time just swalled

    2 beers

    2 klonopines one chewed into about 4 pieces and washed down with soda.. the other one was just swallowed and then i dreank some soda....


    started coughing took a lil swig of robotuession.....

    still hae weed and 4 viks

    im wondering what i should do hahaha......take them a different day.....or just do em now

    is this too much....i really want to have a good time.....im also about to do some more gravs.......
  7. Saves the vics for another time. Opiates and benzo's cann kill ya if you've got high enough doses of both
  8. how stong are the kpins and vics?
  9. don't mean to steal this thread.

    but how much does vicodin pills sell for?

    this girl I know has 10 of them and she sells for $5 each but I will get $3 each.

    done deal?
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    if you dont really have a tolerance or if she's your only bind to some vikes then yea cop it.

    but you didn't mention how strong the vicodin were. even if they are just vicodin (5mg hydro) $3 a pop is kinda expensive they might be the ES or 10mg even... but like I said... you might not see em again for a minute

    and Jeffrey how did it go? haha I bet you blacked out .. I know the first time I took two kpins (2mg each) I was on a serious one, and that was just kpins alone
  11. I'll check how much the mg is.
  12. have fun, man. wouldn't mix the dxm in there, though

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