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  1. have any of you guys done klonopin before
  2. Only prescription, but it definitely helps you relax ... and kills all motor functions. lol
  3. ive tried it a few times and i have 6mg saved up for sometime on my vacation to florida next week
    i can't say much...i felt a little of that familiar relaxed, warm feeling, but nothing too pronounced.
    i dont know much about it either- hardly anything on erowid, and i dont know anyone whose actually done them except the guy i get them from, but hes actually prescribed and sticks to the prescribed doses.
  4. I took that shit once down at school, made me vicious the next day. But i had a nice night.
  5. be careful, it is highly addictive DO NOT MIX WITH BOOZE !!!!!!! O.D. starts at memry loss during a stressful time in my life I went on a binge had 80 (2mg) Benzo's and beer ovr 10 days. the withdrawls are terrible I was up for 96 hours and massive gastro-intestinal distress also it makes you feel like you are going crazy BAD BAD BAD juju !!!!
  6. As with any drug, everyone reacts differently to them. Especially when it comes to different kinds of benzo's. I've been perscribed 4 different kinds for anxiety and panic attacks, and only one I took a liking to, Xanax. Klonopin made me feel depressed, ultimately lazy, and all around feel like shit. Ativan (similar to Valium) made me feel so shitty it nearly put me into panic attacks. Valium gave me a similar feeling, except not as bad, and more loaded than fucked up feeling. Still didn't really like it though.

    Shitty thing is, I kept getting different kinds because I kept telling my doctor none of them were working, or I just plain didn't like them (which wasn't necessarily a lie). Next time I go in there to try to get something new he tells me my only option this time is anti-depressants. Fucked that up.
  7. if i take some klonopin and start feeling shitty, how much weed would i have to smoke before the shitty feeling went away? haha.

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