Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. yo everyone, just a little safety inquirey.

    my buddy wants to drop some klonopins today. itll be his first time. now hes a little guy, only 5'2, and about 110 lbs.

    erowid says an adult should not pass an initial dose of 1.5mg a day, in 3 seperate doses.

    so hes planning on taking 2 .5mg pills.

    My question is, are there any dangers to this other than minor side effects e.i nausea headache etc...

    and two, is 1mg going to be enough for a worthwile recreational dose???

    thanks everyone! my bud thinks im a loser, but whatever, better safe than sorry eh?
  2. 1 mg will do you like a blue football would (1 mg Xanax), for the most part.

    110 pounds...2 mg would put him to sleep if he isn't used to them so just have him take the 1 mg.

    I'm not necessarily going to promote the use of these drugs recreationally because you can get very used to them....trust me when I tell you that Klonopin withdrawel SUCKS...but I won't lie and say that it isn't fun to wash them down with a beer.:)

    Just always be careful with whatever you take!
  3. he took 1.5, and i took 2mgs... this was about 45 mins ago.

    neither of us are really feeling much?? maybe a couple shot of vodka could do us some good??
  4. I have a friend who takes them and they just make him go to sleep. Don't waste them...do a shot or two.

  5. No no no....I am encouraging that they wash them down with something...pills stuck in the throat just SUCK! I should have made my self clear.

  6. well they ended up kicking in pretty good :D

    i took a other mg so im up to 3 now. its fun stuff.

    i felt like a bit of liqour, but nothing harsh, so i ahd a little drink of some malibu, nothing special.

    this stuff is pretty cool though id have to say. im feeling nice and light and happy. mind you i just smoked about 2.5 grams of some awesome weed out of 3 differant bongs and pipe about 20 mins ago ;)
  7. yes klonopins can be great, just keep track of all your stuff. last time i had klonopins, i also had ambiens and valiums, and i drank two beers. nextmorning i woke up and my weed bag was empty :( either i smoked it all that night or my best friend of 5 years stole it... nah

  8. he stole it...the klonnies will do that to people..turns them into thieves
  9. they make you black out like whoaaa.....

    i ate 4 of the green ones.... i don't know whearthere they were .5 or 1mg...... but they do the job nicely especially after a six pack......

    if you can manage to drink that much on them...
  10. they mightve been .5s, 1s are yellow. nubbin, what the hell are you talkin about?
  11. who said drugs are no fun??

    actually im pretty sure noone.

    i dont know what im talking about.
  12. RMJL, nice cover up ;)
  13. all i know is that i was always told that drugs make people turn into very evil people with no respect for their fellow human beings.... but hey, im just the messenger..dont shoot!
  14. *BANG*

    haah! dont shoot my ass!!

    hmm.. that came out wrong...

    and that gun wasnt real...

    oh well..

    hooray for boobs and pot!
  15. Klonopins?Almost exactly like xanax(bars).I'm prescribed both.

  16. please share...... :D

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