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Discussion in 'General' started by blazin420, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. I have a pretty cool doc. I am prescribed Dexadrine (speed) to keep me awake and help concentrate. Recently I've been having a lot of anger issues so the doctor started me on a mix of Klonopin (Clonazapam) and Celexa (sp?) along with the speed. I have lots of prescribed meds that I don't use like Dextrostat 10mg (speed). I only take the Dexadrine 5mg because seems to work better and it hits harder because it is not extended release like the Dextrostat 10mg. I also have left over Xanax since I am now taking Klonopin.

    Lemme tell ya, the Klonopin with Dexadrine is real nice. I am floating all day. LEGALLY! :D And if I take a few bong hits I am VERY content.

    Here's the thing. Since I go through trial periods of all these meds, I always have tons left over. And i guess my question is, what is the "street value" of 10mg Dextrostat (speed) and other pills like Xanax and Klonopin?? (NYC area)

    **Disclaimer** I DO NOT intend to sell these medications. That would be illegal. I am simply curious as to how much they are worth on the street compared to how much I pay to fill my prescriptions.
  2. I'm prescribed methadone & xanax. Methadone for chronic back pain due to a work related injury [thank goodness...WC] & xanax for relaxing in the evenings. And like you said, weed in-between like a snack! The xanax 1 mg go for $2-$3/apiece & methadone is $10/apiece. A buddy of mine from Nam gets the Klonopins by the shitload every month & he gets $3/apiece on the street in bulk. He's got 1 person that takes all of them & I won't sell any of my shit, especially the methadone [240/month]...I want all those for myself!

  3. amen!

    i got tons of pains....

    and i take what i can get when ever i can get it!!!!!
  4. I'll tell ya, DD, if I wouldn't have had this back injury on the job, I'd be fucked. All this shit is so expensive. I had like 3 steroid shots directly in my spine--that didn't work. I've been to all sorts of physical therapy--forget it! Now my hands & feet go numb from additional nerve damage. Plus I'm on permanent Workmen's Comp, that pays for everything medical. When I injured my back, luckily I had a witness, it was the very 1st Comp case to ever happen at this employer, do they were very slack, with no drug test--whew!!

    So, after trying numerous treatments, nothing was working. Doc finally said, "what you have will just degenerate, so I'm putting you on methadone. All righty then...no prob! So that's where I stand...what was the question?

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