"Klean" Lime dolomitic limestone (what is this??)

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  1. hey guys my dad gave me a bunch of shit for my yard this summer, grass seed, scotts lawn shit, and some other stuff a bag that caught my eye was this

    Klean is the brand. Lime and below that it says pelletized dolomitic limestone. fast acting acid neutralizer natural source of calcium and mg improves fertilizer ability

    what is this stuff and would it be helpful in any of my grows and why?

  2. Dolomite is a mineral that contains both calcium and magnesium. As it said on the package, it is used to lower acidity in soils, or make them more "sweet". The pelletized form you have is desgined to dissolve more slowly, when compared to powdered or granular. It is favored in lawn preparation for this very reason. You can certainly use it in your potting mix, it will help add Mg and calcium. Just keep in mind that it will be a slow release ingredient, in case you have Ph issues at some point.
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    what kinda ratios/parts am i looking at here. should it be used even if my soil isnt acidic?
  4. I don't know what volume of soil you have, so I can't really give you a ratio. It certainly wouldn't hurt to add a little to your soil. I would think somewhere in the 5-8% ratio would be safe. Anybody else??
  5. I generally throw in about 4 cups in a pale of pro mix which is 3.8ft3 and does approx 32 2 gallon pots.

  6. that math works out to be a cup per 16 gallons of soil. thats pretty damn concentrate haha, i am gonna be in gallon pots.. so i might need like a tablespoon hahah

    anyone else with some math for me?

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