Kiwi Demon's Sour-jack

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  1. The seeds i germinated using the wet paper towel method on 9/17 are sour-jack; a cross between jackheir and sour diesel.

    They sprouted tap roots approximately 1/16" in size.
    Placed seeds in a 50/50 mix coco coir and perlite. Tap root down about the depth of 1/2".
    The first home they have is a mc donalds and tacobell cup with holes poked in bottom for drainage.
    Placed cups in container with seran wrap with multiple holes cut in the wrap over top. 20170821_192437.jpg 20170821_192454.jpg 20170821_203455.jpg
    My water is ro filtered with a base ppm of 18. A Base ph level of 7.0.
    I will be using flora nova grow nutrients(7-4-10). Flora nova bloom nutrients(4-8-7). all mixes will be done utilizing a oral syringe for consistency. Calmag is to be administer to the plant as well, all will be recommend dosing per instructions.
    The seedlings are under a true 40w cfl bulb about 4" away. They will end up under a 400w mh for veg, ultimately flowering in 400w hps. The actual grow space is 2'x3'x6'. Charcoal filtered exhaust with filtered fresh air. 8" fan will be mounted on the wall for keeping temps regulated.
    20170821_200318.jpg 20170821_200256.jpg
    After the plants grow to about 3" i will transfer them to a mixture of 30/30/40 perlite/coco/foxfarms ocean(respectively) in 1gallon pots, from there into 3 gallon fabric pots. I have plastic dishes to catch the run off from the watering.
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  2. 20170830_171308.jpg 20170901_173429.jpg 20170903_165916.jpg 20170906_165150.jpg 20170906_165159.jpg 20170912_164139.jpg 20170912_164236.jpg The plant was a dud or i killed one or the other but i germinated 2 seeds both sprouted on 8/30 and here are some pics since the start.
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  3. Nice grow mate looking strong. Im a Kiwi too doing a first grow of Cheese.
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  4. I may transplant them this weekend into their new home 3 gallon fabric not sure if i should wait longer, they are in 1 gallon now. I want to transplant then top hope it wont be to much stress
  5. 20170913_173456.jpg 20170913_173506.jpg 20170913_173515.jpg
    Another update grown a bit over night. So far they have been an easy grow imo lets hope this trend continues. Should i soak the pots in anything prior to use?when i plant them i will continue to use a 50/50 coco coir fox farm plus roughly 1/3 perlite in the mix. Continued food is added in the water. What should i get to make mixing easier? Right now i have 1L jar that i use to mix up plant shakes. Small but , effective i feel i will need to upgrade to something with more capacity.

    Im currently tossing around the idea to make a small veg cabinet to start a perpetual grow. We shall see... But i will be assembling a cloner fayes coffee can really had great info through ever page there are a few, recommended.
  6. Looking good man! I can't wait to get some clones going in my new room! Won't be long and it'll be complete
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  7. I gave the plants some calmag with r/o water about half a liter each they are looking good. I can hold the plant to my nose and already smell the chronic.
  8. Feeding of 2ml to 1 liter water. Here is how they look. Tomorrow i will switch them over to the 3 gallon fabric bags. I wanted to top them but i may hold off for a week and maybe try to clone the clippings well see. I just ordered qb65 for a clone box which ill keep the cloner.

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  9. Transplanted both today into 3 gallon fabric pot. I soaked the bags in warm water to see if any dye was coming out of the fabric\clean them up a bit. I squeezed lightly at the base of the pot to get the plants to break free from their first 1gallon pot. I filled the bottom half with a coco perlite fox farm mix blended together. I gently placed the root ball in the middle then filled around it with fox farm. Waited about 45 mins then mixed up a gallon of water with 1tbs feed 1 tbs calmag 10 drops ph down.

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  10. 20170918_165844.jpg 20170918_165905.jpg 20170918_174001.jpg 20170918_165848.jpg 20170918_165913.jpg 20170918_174006.jpg Checked on the girls today they look healthy. One got a little wind burn from the fan so i moved it up a little. I need to come up with a way to easily raise and lower the fan...

    I raised the light a couple inches one leaf appeared to be starting to taco which is a sign to much heat.

    The leaves feel kind of dry to the touch not sure why the new growth is still easily moveable.

    I topped the pants too i want to lst but the nodes are tight and the stem is thick. not really sure going to wait for a little longer to see what i can do.
  11. 20170920_194305.jpg 20170920_194331.jpg 20170921_162849.jpg 20170921_162904.jpg 20170921_162941.jpg

    Just a shot of the plants under the fan leaves. There is a whole lot of new growth densely packed in by the main stem, which is making it hard to get the plant to grow in a spiral. Also a pick of the tops that were removed.

    I bought a qb120 led light for where im going to setup a vegging cloning area. That this is go bright i hope it will not be too intense for the little ones. I have a few ideas of what im gonna do but still have to figure out what i will use to construct it. 20170920_194305.jpg 20170920_194331.jpg 20170921_162849.jpg 20170921_162904.jpg 20170921_162941.jpg 20170921_163125.jpg 20170920_194305.jpg 20170920_194331.jpg 20170921_162849.jpg 20170921_162904.jpg 20170921_162941.jpg 20170921_163125.jpg
  12. 20170928_171645.jpg 20170928_171712.jpg 20170928_173125.jpg 20170928_173137.jpg 20170928_183346.jpg 20170928_204618.jpg

    I decided to make a screen for a scrog i like the concept and seen alot of good yeilds produced by a small size grow box. Mine is 2x3x6 roughly.i used 1in pvc some screws and string. Every 2" i made a cut in the pipe to hold the string in place wrapped around the screw 2 times then over to the screw next to that finally to crossover to the otherside. When making the actual cross i went with under over return back opposite (over under).
  13. 20170928_164118.jpg here are how they look 4 weeks old im gonna try to fill the screen then flip to 12/12.
  14. 20171002_163218.jpg 20171002_163227.jpg 20171002_163439.jpg
    These plants are looking mighty strong on the 11th i will switch them to a 12/12 i hope all goes well for these girls.
  15. Here they are day 1 of flowering im happy the way they filled the screen out. I send out a prayer to the demon god Nurgle. May the road be disgustingly resilient and bountiful 7. 20171011_170538.jpg
  16. Well i never turned my timer on it was 24hr light never began to flower until now... 7 week veg 12/12 oct 18. I did get 3 clones in the cloner hopefully the get rooted so i can start the new cycle
  17. I never turned on my timer pretty sad so now an extra week of veg. That makes 7 weeks till thia point here. I flipped them to 12/12 for certain oct 18. I hope i dont run out of room. If i make it to harvest i will be happy. 20171019_172840.jpg
  18. 20171025_164624.jpg 20171025_164613.jpg 20171026_165830.jpg 20171026_165817.jpg 1509052142433-1044639521.jpg 1509052194034-1640497101.jpg
    Here are the 3 clones that have been going in the cloner. No idea if they will clone properly, fingers crossed. This is the start of week 2. im hopeing i can harvest before it gets too cold. Proably need a space heater to keep up temps.
  19. 20171031_164033.jpg here she sits at the start of 3 weeks flowering. I mushed and bent over one of the taller colas.

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