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  1. this is my new kitten Roach,
    i posted it on humor because it's the page i was on when i took the pic
    isn't she cute!!

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  2. awwww...what a cute kitty!!! :D
  3. Cute kitty but it looks like some kind of exotic cat with those markings. Is it just a regular kitty? :)
  4. no
    it's a savannah
    its a "domestic" hybrid of the serval
    her grandma was a serval
    check out her face
  5. haha

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  6. she's a pretty kitty :)
  7. aw hey pretty city kitty!!! she is a cutie! :) she likes the city too eh? :D
  8. awwww how cute , dont you just want to thoke that little fucker

  9. I think she is a little young to toke right now, anyways I don't get my cats high.

    but I do get my dog (she's a jack russel terrier) stoned. It's kinda hard not to, whenever i bust out the green she's right there waiting. After i give her a hit she licks her chops and sits a little closer for another. haha

    sooo damn cute
  10. i toked a cat once.

    it was hard to roll... but once i finally got it lit, damn did it hoot good. obviously i was ripped.
  11. what a cute cat!
  12. awwwwwwwww.... I love pusssy......cats....:p

    but all of that aside... it is a cutey......prob a lil fiesty thing....rarrrrr
  13. she is fiesty... we bought her to keep up with our bengal(Ringo) he kept beating the crap outta my dog, and he >Ringo< isn't even 6 months old yet. Roach can take him thoo.

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  14. i want a cat like that! my cat is all boring, and calico...

  15. diddo... well kinda... we had to put our cat asleep a month or two back... she was annoying as hell but i miss her.... she was OLD tho... like 14-15 years! but ya cats are cool
  16. AAAH i love cats , cute kittttteeeennnnn awwwwwww....
  17. that's a wicked cat... beautiful
  18. grasscity mascot? beautiful cat.
  19. Nice cat.. My mom has one that looks almost exactly like that one.. I have heeler dogs but no cats!!!!!

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