kitty kat!

Discussion in 'General' started by mulli_melli, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. I got a little prezzy from my other half yesterday. He walked in with this little kitten, with it's head poking out the top of his shirt.

    She's so cute. She's cream with black ears and tail and bright blue eyes. My old cat died 2 and bit years ago, and I swore I'd never have another. But I've changed my mind, much to the dog's disgust!
  2. Nothing is better than a new baby kitty! I just wish we could see the look on the dogs face!! I have two kitties, Mere and Fatboy(who's proper name is Little Fat Bastard-but the neighbors kept looking at us funny-so we shortened it)and they give me so much love, and aggravation, and dead things, but I wouldnt trade them for anything. Except maybe 13 puppies. HA HA!! Just kidding, Bud Head!
  3. i have one of those cats who thinks us humans are playtoys for him to attack and chew on, but sometimes he gives us lovin and that's what's worth all the abuse :D

    i keep trying to convince phishhead to let me get another cat but he thinks our lil Biddy would tear a lil kitty to pieces...

    how lucky for you have fun with your new kitty!!
  4. Everyone loves a ganja kitty. =)

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  5. That's sooo cute Icecreamkidd! My kitty is just a little younger.

    She loves chasing the cord to my mouse as I move it around when using my PC. She's so funny. My 10mon old son loves her too. He crawls after her around the house in fits of laughter. Kitty is too smart to be caught. Much to my son's frustration!!

    The dog has adjusted to the new member of our family. I think they will be friends.

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