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Discussion in 'Pets' started by Frasier, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. I think it's about time I make this thread.

    If you have any questions about cats feel free to discuss them here or just post pics of your furry friends.

    I currently work with a private adoption group and 2 licenced animal physicians who deal specifically with cats.

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  2. Attention hog! Screenshot_20180617-125817.jpg

    "Metal Gear!"
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  3. pickles95on95leash.jpg
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  4. I will definitely post some pics of my fur babies here later.

    Need to clear space on my phone first.
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  5. Just now seen this Lol good thread azza i will have to take some new pics of Deja and Lucian soon.

  6. Thanks Tonika. Don't know how long it'll be here but feel free to remake it.

    I'd love to see some Lucien pics. He seems like a funny little kitty

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  7. My very old cat has a cold....tears streaming from her eyes ...

    sneezing all the time no vet for a million miles

    what to do ...? shes very stubborn
  8. Is she drinking water? Does she dip her paws in the water bowl?

    Is she on dry or wet food?

    "You're that ninja....."
  9. dude, she has always drunk very little water

    tho I do encourage

    ...she has ample water

    I'll try some milk but from memory of my own colds

    milk has gluten in it that makes (snot) colds worse

    she now sits beside heater...on this fine hot day
  10. I only feed kitties Lactaid lactose free milk. Kitties can't properly digest lactose and it makes them shit.

    My girl refused to drink from her water bowl because she doesn't drink standing water. She began to get ill and I brought her to the vet and they said she had a cold or feline herpes. They gave her expensive meds and she was still sneezing and getting eye gunk and being ill.

    I then left the sink on by accident and she jumped up amd starting gulping down water for about 8 minutes straight.

    So I made her a DIY fountain and she drank from that until It started getting dirty quickly from something called biofilm (google it).

    A few weeks ago I bought her a PetSafe fountain and she loves it. Drinks constantly, no more sneezing no more dry nose no more eye gunk and she's full of energy to shred my headphones.

    I would recommend to every cat owner to buy a PetSafe fountain. Many cats do not like standing water and the fountain is cheap. It has a resevoir that is seperate so it puts in new fresh water every day and avoids biofilm. Plus it comes apart and all but the tank can be thrown in the dishwasher!!

    Also has little carbon mesh filters for fresh tasting clean water.

    I clean the carbon filter by pouring boiling water over it once every 2 weeks.

    "You're that ninja....."
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  11. I just raise them cute!

    I'm having kitten fever though. I want a third!

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  12. Shoosh hanging out on top of the kitchen cabinets.
    She alerted me to a squirrel living in the eaves of the house right above the spot where she's sitting.

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  13. Thank you. She's very sweet.

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  14. They are master sleuths when it comes to animals. Adorable kitty too :3

    La vie est drôle
  15. I saw these cute siblings playing from the local shelter and I just wanted them so bad that I asked my guy, and he said yes, even though we both logically know we can't afford it...

    So we're not. But it was nice of my guy to let me get some of my cat fever out of me. Lol. 20180920_194423.jpg

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  16. This is why I can't go the shelter anymore.

    I would come back with the whole shelter and then I'd have to explain it away like:

    "Uhhhh I needed a cat for.... uhhh.... every day of the year?"

    "You have 700 cats..."

    "Alright, enough for every day of the year twice then!"

    La vie est drôle
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  17. :ey:I had different pussy I wanted to discuss when I came to this thread but aw well... some pussies in this thread though o_O

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