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  1. I live on a farm, we have dozens of cats out here. Here's some Kittens that I was able to catch/take a picture of.


    All of the pictures were taken in the Macro setting. I'm starting to get used to it!:hello:
  2. oh damn those are some really good pics. And extremely cute kittens.:D Nice Job!!!
  3. Thanks BigSmoker!

    Yea these pictures took me forever. Kittens never stop moving!
  4. [​IMG]

    Ive posted it in a different thread, but i thought it relates
    btw, the kitten in the tree is my favorite pic
  5. those are some fantastic shots of some fantastic kittens.
    i have a lil guy that isn't all that kitteny anymore, but i'll always remember the good ol' days.
  6. The one in the second picture. I want it.

    Excellent pictures. :hello:
  7. I named him Ewok.
  8. That things are awesome....they all have HUGE eyes.

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