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Kitten rescued from spring, No not water....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by old vet, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. What a cool video, Seems some of our Russian friends do have a big heart....
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  2. Sorry guys wrong vid, let me try again.....
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  3. this Russian just took his new kitten to the vet

    $80.00 was just a cold

    with crusty shit around the eyes

    yet I go to the doc is $30.00 per visit

    lets not talk about that dentist

    nice story
  4. Yeah, I thought it was a cool little story. So glad they got him out, Have no idea how in the world he got in that spring?
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  5. iam not buying it, Even in Russia theres some good hearted people. But I damn sure wouldn't want to live there...
  6. Yea it is ignorant for me to say everyone. Yea the whole middle is uninhabitable since Chernobyl. Moscow is the only wealthy area the rest extremely poor.
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  7. Lets see ..

    Chernobyl is in Ukraine, that has a 20 foot deep concrete cap

    as for rest is 'extremely poor' no more then east LA, Detroit, Baltimore etc

    its true we have our equivalents

    but in truth you have more chance of being raped then murdered unlike 'merica

    Fox News Rules you too ?
  8. 'mericans are treated with suspicion, no more than Canada or even Mexico

    its the tendency of the fast food lead 'merican govt.

    to kill and destroy everything they touch and in every country

    name one that ain't..?

    as for good hearted...?

    when you met a 'mercan for the first time

    his assumption is 'whats he got to sell'

    followed by

    time is money ...
  9. How in the world did a good natured little story turn into such a mean spirited conversation? Good grief.... I give up some times...........
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  10. Communist would say that 'VOSTOK' lol name sounds Russian :p
  11. He is Russian, but he is also a valued member of this community. All Blades should be ambassadors of good will and good vibes.
    It is in pretty poor taste to disparage others.
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  12. Also I don't believe the Russians either. They tried keeping the meltdown a secret in the first place until the cloud spread throughout Europe. Your right I only follow North Korean news. Fox news is not fake enough.
  13. Russia and the USA are both eaqually as corrupt in my opinion. Both are big bullies around the world.
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  14. I feel reminded of this video about a man who rescued an injured fox. After nursing it back to good health, it became his friendly pet.

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  15. My cat that spends 99% of his time outside randomly came inside one day and his front paw was mangled. Took him to the vet, all good, got him pain meds, cleaned up, ect. He stayed there for 3 days. I bring him home today with a cast and as soon as I let him out in the house he runs out the back door (which was open). Havent seen him all night. So frustrating
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  16. I thought it was cool how grizzly man befriended a fox. Didn't work out to well with the bears though.....
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  17. You are blaming the Russian people for an incident that occurred years ago

    under a completely different government

    the same as er...Bush invading Iraq looking for WMD

    different leaders even government is the word here

    may they never return

  18. never give up Doc. a member posted me this.. in your backyard too

    Kitten From Firefighter’s Helmet Cam Rescue Dies

    the follow up

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  19. American government was pretty much doing the exact same thing the USSR did in Afghanistan. We just say we had an excuse so we do not look bad. I do like how the Russian government is slowly being more honest while America is basically getting more secretive and much like the USSR.

    This is a whole new subject entirely but I do love how Russia is slowly letting it's citizen's know we are not alone in the universe. Some very highly respected leaders in Russia are coming forward with some extremely interesting news. People with absolutely no mental history. JFK wanted to let the American people know the truth the U.S. government is hiding from it's citizen's. Look what happened to him :/.

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