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Kitsune's Recommended Threads

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kitsunè, Jan 2, 2013.

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    Greetings all! I am attempting to put together a nice thread of recommended threads that I have read that have either helped me or just has great information on it. Trying to focus on non sticky threads. I know there are a lot of nice stickies on this board but they are stickies and require no digging to find them.

    Grow Journals:

    Starting with my journal because well it is my thread. Lots of people in here throwing around ideas and brain storming.

    My Buddy TX's journal. He has good experience and nice grow space. Very knowledgeable and has a great following to his thread. Lots of people around to answer questions.

    My buddy Garr has 2 grows and this is his Scrog. Consider it an adventure in Scrogging, lots of knowledge and learning in this thread! Stick with the thread and get a better idea of how to Scrog.

    Garr again with his normal thread. Lots of info definitely worth a read.

    Thread by Airf0nz0, this thread is the PERFECT example of what to do with an LST.

    Another great thread!

    Thread by GoodsmokeJoe is a good read.

    DIY Threads:

    A Very nice bubble cloner! Cheap and easy anyone can make.

    Random Threads:

    Thread I started about how to chose a strain, lots of good info. Good talk about some strains.

    Good thread about talking about making your own feminized seeds.

    Thread about smoking weed with hookah and ideas.. Has a great post about edibles in it and recipes in the first page.

    My home made bongs love them!

    This is it for now but I will be adding more as time goes on. Please feel free to reply with other great threads. Please no stickies as they are already easy to find. Looking for great threads with knowledge in it that you think people need. No joke threads, please don't use just as place to advertise your threads only threads that have some great conversation and knowledge =).

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