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    Alright so this thread will follow my first grow for 09. Right now I am femming 10 strawberry cough seeds, 10 white whidow, 5 Mazar x Afgha, and about 7 bagseeds. I'm planning on planting them in solo cups soon. Will they be able to grow in a window sill, and can i get away with watering them once a week?

    I am kinda of worried my spot as too much tree cover; however, i saw little dead trees in the overgrowth so they were getting enough life. Here are some pics of my spot

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    Is that you in the picture? Lol. You might want to take it off esp. if you're gonna be growing !!!The spot looks remote from what I can tell. Nice water source. Maybe too much shade though especially when the leaves grow back on the trees. Choose a spot with an opening in the trees where the sun arcs.
  3. Looks like a good spot, I agree with Corto if that's you in that pic you should either crop yourself out of it or do what Ganja_Guru does and just blur your face. The trees may really block your direct sunlight, you may want to imagine what that spot is going to look like when the vegetation starts filling in, good luck!
  4. hell no thats not me in the pic (i was the one taking pics) i am much better looking than that:D. Yeah the tree foliage is my main concern...but i'll see; as i stated there were many small trees growing(or some type of under growth) in the spots where i am considering growing, which indicates to me that there was enough sunlight to support life. I have a saw(and the friend owns the land) so i can always cut some branches. Is it at least 5 hours of direct sunlight a day?
  5. not enough sunshine for sure when the leaves on those trees come back.
  6. yea man sorry but you need a new spot, you want a full days worth of sun for good bud production.
  7. yeah i'm ditching this spot...there is one more i am considering but i have yet to go fully scope it out.
  8. Don't bring your buddy to your next site imo.
  9. it was his land...but i do have ONE grow partner that i have known my entire life and is very trustworthy. I know from past experience that he won't sell me out and will take the fall if needed as i would for him.
  10. Again, you guys infer to much. The kid in the pic is not the grow friend. He is the owner of the land and was only on a need to know basis--btw i am no longer using his land. I know, this being an internet forum, that I can not prove my competence to you guys, but trust me I know how to succeed. In light of the trustworthy friend's housing changes, I will be pursuing an indoor grow whereas only the two of us will be aware of it. This is not to say I won't be experimenting with outdoor growing, but the main grow will be inside.

    Oldpork, I know your are a respected member of this forum and i enjoy your contributions; however, your above post does not endear you in the least. I have never tried to offend you and I hope that we can respect each other from now on.
  11. Just post pics of plants, not people. :rolleyes:
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    You sure can prove your competence here and you can earn respect here too. We have a really good crew here and you can be a part of it. You fixed it and that's cool.

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