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Kinkiest/Dirtiest/Nastiest Thing You've Ever Done in Bed

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Dubsackz420, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. Spill the beans.

    What's the dirtiest/nastiest/kinkiest thing you've ever done in bed?

    Me and my girl have an amazing sex life and the kinkiest thing we do is pull each other's hair, choke each other and overall just have rough awesome sex.

    I know it's not that crazy but what is your most kinky/dirty/nasty thing you've done in bed?:smoke:
  2. slammed her head against the wall. got her going though lol..
  3. When she moans, I like to cover her mouth and act like I'm raping her. :devious:

    FUCK YES! :eek: (jizz face)

    EDIT: Oh, and she bites my fingers when I cover her mouth.

    FUCK YES! :eek: (another jizz face)
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    I have some pretty violent sex myself haha I like to get my hair pulled really hard, be choked/bitten/thrown around, have my butt slapped. Stuff like that. I think the craziest things about my sex life would be the places I've had sex though. Back of a truck in the middle of no were, our football field, on a train, freaking school. Whenever wherever is my motto haha. Good times:rolleyes: My favorite though, not that long ago we were at my bf's best friend's house we were trying to get laid in his bed cause we both had to hurry up and go and he wouldn't leave his room so we just fucked anyways and let him watch. It was kind of exciting.:ey:
  5. getting bitten. it left marks and bruises for over a month. laughed every time i looked in the mirror cause it looked like i got my ass kicked
  6. bite her... she does the same and scratches me... oddly enough she ask me to be tickled sometimes lol...(;
  7. One time I had this girl over and I had her grab to pipes on the ceiling and I pounded her while standing. Greatest ever uhhh I just got hard thinking about it
  8. well im a cutter altho its greatly decreased lately, i had a fwb that moved away 3mos ago..i miss her anyways she was a gothic pale white gurl;) and she was a cutter aswell well one time wen we were gunna take care of buisness i went to the bathroom 2 take a leak i walked out and she had cut my name in her thigh i sucked the blood and started 2 cut her thighs and suck the blood it was AMAZING a fantasy we had wanted 2 try for a long time
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